Egg Inc, Another "Clicker" Android Game

Egg Inc Screenshot, a clicker game for Android.
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Egg, Inc is a “clicker” style Android game very similar to AdVenture Capitalist. Like all the other “Clicker” games, this game is no different. Themed around an egg farm where your goal is to raise chickens and sell eggs, you end up making far more than a billion dollars.

The graphics on the game are spot on, very elegant and smooth. I get very little lag on my Nexus 6P. However, the game does end up draining a lot of battery. And that like most games is my major complaint. Looking at the battery usage, the game ends up Stay Awake for a long time, thereby causing battery drain. Though I end up playing for around an hour, by the end of the day, it’s common to see 8+ hours on the Stay Awake column. Luckily, I’m close to a power outlet throughout the day, so it’s trivial to keep the phone fully charged.

That game is very simple to learn, and I’ll walk through a simple example of how the game works and is themed. And though “clicker” games are repetitive, they have an oddly addictive nature to the game.

Hatch Eggs by Clicking

You hatch eggs by “clicking” the egg farm. Once you hatch the egg, the chicken runs to the hen house where the chicken lays eggs. But to hatch eggs, you’ll have to “click” an on-screen button. The faster you click, the larger the earning multiplier. Visit the Research center to upgrade to simplify the click so you only need to hold on the button (which is much less tiring). There are different types of eggs that you can upgrade to that will reset the game, but each egg type is worth more money per egg.

TIP: Make sure you research anything with increasing the egg laying rate, hatchery refill rate, or egg value bonus for running chicken.

Upgrade Hen Houses

Make sure you have enough Hen Housing for your chickens by upgrading. You’ll have creative names such as Eggkea (a play on the IKEA furniture warehouse). From there, upgrade your Hen House to hold more chickens. There are upgrades at the Research center that auto-hatches so you don’t need to click. Keeping the Hen House upgraded is very easy and not a big challenge in this game.

TIP: Research anything Hen House adds Chicken per Minute. This way, you automatically make more money every minute. Keep 4 Hen Houses to improve the number of hens that auto-hatch.

Shipping Depot to Deliver Eggs

The shipping depot is where you hire drivers to deliver your eggs. Similar to the Hen Houses, there are many creative vehicles such as Quantum Transporter. There are upgrades at the Research Center to improve the shipping process. Similar to the Hen House, keeping the Shipping Depot is not difficult to keep up.

TIP: It’s best to have far more egg shipping capacity. Upgrade to the max size for the biggest gains.

Silos for Offline Game Progression

Each Silo gives you 1 hours of free time where the game continues to run while the app is off or not running. For a measly in game $10,000, you can build a second Silo. Make an in-game purchase of $3.99, you can upgrade the number of Silo’s you can build. Without doubt, this will great improve how much you can advance in the game without actually playing.

TIP: I tend not to, but use Golden eggs to increase the time. I only did this a few times because it gets expensive, but each upgrade gives you an extra 6 minutes of offline game progression.

Golden Eggs for Epic Upgrades

Golden eggs are much more valuable than the dollars in the game. This is because when the game resets, and you’ll need to at some point, you get to keep Golden Eggs and you get to keep any upgrades that come from Golden Eggs.

TIP: Only click and view video advertisements that involve Golden Eggs. It’s the only one worth the time and doesn’t reset.

Research Center

You can upgrade with regular coins, and you’ll need to, but these get reset whenever the game is reset to increase the overall game multiplier. Again, Golden Egg upgrades are the most ideal because they stick around.

TIP: Research upgrades that either improve how much cash you make or the number of hens that are born. Upgrades related to shipping should only be used to move up to the next Research tier.

Soul Eggs Multiplier

The soul egg is the largest multiplier. The more you play, the more prestige eggs you will get when you restart. Unfortunately, you will need to do this to progress towards the end of the game.

TIP: It’s not always worth it to Prestige and Collect once available. Because of your upgrades you’ve already purchased, it worth it to keep the money rolling in before you need to restart the game. Figuring out when to Prestige is the trick to advancing in the game without driving yourself crazy.

Click Drones for Money

Every so often, drones will fly by. When you click it, you’ll get money or golden eggs. You don’t know what it is and the drones can fly rather fast. There are two types of drones: the ones that fly slow and straight (which give you standard rewards) and the fast curvy path drones (which offer much larger rewards).

TIP: When you’re activity playing, you always want to click the drones, especially the fast ones! The fast ones will progress you in the round.

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