An Addicting "AdVenture Capitalist" Android App

An addictive multi-platform simulation game
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AdVenture Capitalist is a capitalism simulation game developed and published by Hyper Hippo Productions. Available as a free download on the Android Play Store (also on Steam, Kongregate, and iOS), this game has the option to make in-app purchases, but are not necessary at all.

The goal of the game is simple. Make as much money as fast as you can. At your disposal are 10 different businesses:

  1. Lemonade Stand
  2. Newspaper Delivery
  3. Car Wash
  4. Pizza Delivery
  5. Donut Shop
  6. Shrimp Boat
  7. Hockey Team
  8. Movie Studio
  9. Bank
  10. Oil Company

Depending on progress in the game, each business will cost a different amount to acquire and expand. This means your first lemonade stand will cost $2 to open, but it may cost $2.50 for the next lemonade stand. Additionally, the profits will vary depending on which business, the Oil Company business offering the most incentive.

The more you upgrade a single business, the more synergies automatically kick in. For example, when you get your 200th Lemonade Stand, you become an Citrus Emperor, and the time it takes to profit is cut in half. The same goes for every business and the number of milestones are endless.

Managers are available for every business the enhance the performance. A must for every business is the first manager, which gets you out of clicking every business for profits. It takes less than a day to get managers at every business, but once you do, the game makes money automatically and endlessly (even when the game is not active). There are many other managers for hire at the later stages of the game that you'll just have to discover on your own.

Each business also has upgrades that can be purchased. These purchase apply to a single business, but are beneficial because they are often times x3 profit multipliers. Especially at the later stages, this can be a huge boom for business.

Finally, there are Angel Investors. The more money you make, the more interest Angel Investors show (and become available to your empire). Each Angel Investor increases all profits by 2% (by default). The trade-off is that it requires you to restart your game. Everything restarts and goes to zero. You must re-purchase your businesses, managers, upgrades. Only the stats stick around that give you how much money you make.

So what makes AdVenture Capitalist so addictive? A big aspect is the ever increasing number. You start by earning hundreds, to thousands, to millions, to billions, to trillions... but what comes next? After my third restart, playing the game is trivial and due to my Angel Investors, I can easily repurchase everything in 10-15 minutes. Also, the fact that AdVenture Capitalist doesn't require me to check my phone every 3 hours makes it easy to follow along. No more sneaking progress checks in the middle of my workday.

What's the Best AdVenture Capitalist Strategy? If this is your first round playing the game, my suggestion is to play manually (no managers) up until the pizza stage. At that point, buy a manager for the Lemonade Stand. The best way to leave the game is with a Manager at every business (essentially puts the game on automatic mode). Expand each business as you would normally until you reach 100. At that point, you may want to consider upgrading only in batches of 100. Every 100 expansions in a single business doubles the speed of profit, which is the same as doubling profit! I restarted at around 500 Angel Investors, then 2,500 Angel Investors, and I'm now currently at 50,000 Angel Investors.

The game is addictive and we'll see how long I stay interested. I've been playing the game for less than a week, but it's pretty much put Clash of Clans and Sim City on hold. If you like simulation games, you should give AdVenture Capitalist a try!

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