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Back during the dot com boom, there were many Get Paid to Read Email website programs out there? They have all but since fizzled out, but there are one or two programs still around today. One of these is InboxDollars. (my referral link). For each email you ready, you get a tiny percentage (usually a couple of cents). So programs like this are by no means a way to make it rich, but it is possible with minimal effort to work yourself up to a free cup of coffee on the weekend.

InboxDollars has survived since the DotCom bust by innovating. On top of their paid emails, they also pay you money to answer surveys (linking to third party websites). In my opinion, these surveys are time consuming, and not often worth the 25 cents to $1.50 per survey they offer. Additionally, the time spent filling out your basic information to see if you qualify is often times leads to a "You're not Eligible" screen. Luckily, if you're not eligible for a survey, you can spin a wheel for a smaller prize (this is back on InboxDollar's website). You can win anything from 5 cents, to 25 cent tokens, to monthly sweepstake entries.

Other ways to earn money at InboxDollars that I have tried, but don't routinely use include watching videos and listening to the radio. Watching videos is an interesting concept, but require me to watch many videos that don't interest me for little benefit. On the other hand, listening to the radio involves me to check in every 10 minutes to earn one cent. And when I listen to the radio, I prefer it to be hands off.

Other ways to earn money that I have not tried including playing games, completing offers, and completing tasks. Reasons I don't use these is they require money to sign up or will result in me receiving more spam email.

Lastly, InboxDollars also has an Android app, although I'll be the first to say that it doesn't offer much value and I deleted it within a few days. The mobile app only provides a subset of the functionality.

All in all, you will get $5 for free just for joining, so give InboxDollars a try today.

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