Complete Tutorial for Last Shelter: Survival

An android game where you build a city (develop it), and attack other cities.
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Last Shelter: Survival is an interesting online multiplayer game that I've recently been playing on Android. Unlike most other smartphone games with simple learning curve, this game has an endless number of simultaneous tasks where decisions impact the speed at which you progress in the game. There isn't any live action, but Last Shelter is instead based on upgrading unit stats and teamwork with random strangers. Like most other games, there is an option to spend real dollars to speed your progress through the game. It is still possible to play the game for free, though expect EVERYTHING to take longer.

Note that Last Shelter: Survival has many screenshots and advertisements that promote the game, but a lot of the promoted images and videos don't match actual gameplay. That being said, Last Shelter goes at a pace that works so it doesn't require my attention all the time.

The rest of this article will be updated as I play the game and are introduced to new aspects of the game. There's a lot of learn and questions come up every couple of weeks. Now, starting with the basics.


There are seven different types of minerals: food, water, fuel, electricity, lumber, iron, and money. Each of the seven minerals can be obtained by various methods including:

  • Mining from within your city
  • Send your construction vehicle (from garage in city) into exploration mode.
  • Gathering from outside of your city
  • Attacking monsters outside of your city
  • Completing game events (daily challenge, doomsday conquest, zombie siege defense, etc)

The resources can be stored with upper limits being defined by the number and upgrade level of your storage depot buildings. The level of your storage depot building also defines the a "protection" that cannot be stolen when enemy players successfully raid your city.

Resouces Tip #1: When your construction vehicles are not constructing/upgrading/delivering, have them "Explore" within your city limits. This allows them to collect resources for up to 12 hours. Pick a suitable exploration time (4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, or 12 hours) because once sent, they cannot be recalled.

Your resources can also be awarded as crates that are stored in your item list. These crates cannot be stolen during raids, so I keep these stored for when you really need it!


The City is your space where your buildings and roads are built. It's surrounded by a fence which automatically opens and closes when necessary (just look and feel). If you find you need more space, additional lots can be purchased around the city.

City Tip #1: Don't waste resources on adding lots to the city limits unless you run out of space.

Garrison & Upgrades for City Defense

If you want to build a strong defense for your city, the Garrison is a critical part of the defense. This building has the health of your city. Whenever you are attacked, your city health will decline. Only if the health of your city hits zero will you lose. When you lose, your base is randomly moved to a new location on the map, possibly away from your alliance.

In the garrison, you can chose the order in which your APCs will defend your city. Generally, put your strongest APCs first for the best defense. So keeping a strong APCs is also key to your city's defense.

Upgrade your garrison when possible to simultaneously increase your city's defenses and increases your city defenders attack percentage. The challenging part of upgrading your garrison is it requires "Defensive Components", purchasable with diamonds or trading resources at the Commercial Hub (helicopter landing pad).

Garrison Tip #1: Keep an eye out daily at the Commercial Hub for "Defensive Components" and prioritize those purchases. You'll require a lot of these components for upgrading your city defenses.

Buildings & Upgrades

There are tons of buildings that can be built within your city. You have a main Base, which level defines what buildings and upgrades are available. All construction, upgrades, and delivers are conducted with your construction vehicle. You have a limited number of construction units based on the level your main base.

All buildings and their subsequent upgrades will require some combination of the seven resources and an amount of build/upgrade time from a construction vehicle. Here are some of the types of buildings:

  • Resource Buildings - these generate resources and don't require you to constantly check in with the exception of the electricity building (where fuel must be delivered to convert to electricity).
  • Resource Depots - one type for each resource. The higher the upgrade, the higher the max storage of the resource.
  • Camps - where units like fighters, shooters, and vehicles can be trained.
  • Houses - nothing more than the more and higher upgrade, the higher the population. I haven't yet figured out what population does.
  • Ration Trucks - these need to be stocked with food and water to prevent the population from dropping. The higher the upgrade, the more food and water can be held before requiring additional transport of resources.

Building Tip #1: Like most other building games, I'd suggest you try to keep all available buildings constructed and fully upgraded before upgrading to your primary Base. Otherwise, your specifications will fall behind others who have the same primary Base level as yourself.

Also not that nearly all building and upgrade will increase the use of power. If there's a building not offering much in return, you might not want to build make additional upgrades to that building.

Base & Upgrades

The base is the main structure in the game/city. The building itself doesn't offer much, but every single additional building and upgrade will reach maximum status based on the level of the base. Try and keep other buildings upgrades before upgrading your main base. Each upgrade will require more resources.

Institute & Upgrades

Once the Institute is built, upgrades to other aspects of the game can start. The Institute can support one upgrade at a time which includes upgrading everything related to the game including combat upgrades, resource production speed, medical fields, APC upgrades, Part production upgrades. All these upgrades are grouped into associated categories follow a path.

Institute/Upgrade Tips #1: If possible, always keep the Institute busy with an upgrade. There are many more upgrades than you have time for, so keeping the Institute busy is important to stay competitive.

The building itself can also be upgrade. Upgrades to this building will reduce the amount of time it takes to research new technology.

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