Call of Duty Mobile: Zombie Mode - "Not a Hit"

Call of Duty: Zombie Mode on Android
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The Android game Call of Duty Mobile recently released a Zombie mode, which follows the steps of many others in the Call of Duty series. In general, this game mode is slow moving and extremely repetitive. There's currently only one map and it's played with a total of four teammates, all on the same team. However, after 10+ games of zombie mode, I've determined it just isn't my style of shooting action game.

In rounds, shoot and kill zombies that spawn to earn points. With points, buy weapons (from the outline on walls), unlock other regions of the map, and to buy buffs and perks. So here are some of my thoughts:

  • Killing Zombies: For the most part, I like this part of Zombie mode. What I don't like is when zombies spawn from inside the locked up cabin. It sort of defeats the purpose of building up defenses. Also, it quickly becomes apparently that the zombies have more health than an entire clip of a gun. As the rounds progress, I'd have to use multiple clips to kills a single zombie and spend my time running backwards around the map.
  • Unlock Map Regions: To progress, the team needs to spend points to unlock portions of the map. This costs points, which oddly will take away from points. This is a lesser of a problem, but just ends up being waiting for your teammates to spend their points. It may work well in a team setting, but not so well when everyone's a stranger. And then we're all locked up in one small region.
  • Buffs: Buffs are good and last even after your character dies (and isn't revived by a teammate). But making the purchases is fairly difficult when zombies are constantly at your back. Also, there isn't a very fast way to upgrade, as the costs get fair prohibitive. Even with the buff upgrades, you can't keep up with the ever stronger zombies.
  • Perks: These are better than buffs, with real noticeable affects. The problem with perks is they're located all over the map at each of the four corners. If your character dies (and isn't revived), you'll lose all your perks and need to re-collect them.

It does come in three different modes: Normal Raid, Hardcore Raid, and Survival.

  • Normal Raid: Perfect for first timers that need more time to read through wording. It is difficult not to reach the boss level. There aren't enough rounds to fully upgrade your character, as you won't have the chance to earn enough points.
  • Hardcore Raid: This mode is substantially more difficult than Normal Raid and there's more rounds (where the zombies get stronger). The boss level is also substantially more difficult and much higher rate of losing.
  • Survival: This is unlimited rounds, but no boss. In this mode, it gets extremely boring. I find myself just running backwards the entire time. Working with other players to keep a few zombies alive at the end of each round so everyone else has time to run around the map and collect perks, buffs, and guns.

All in all, I've played Zombie mode 10+ times, but am now thoroughly bored. I like to go back to playing the traditional Call of Duty gameplay.

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