Best Free Tool to Split Ultrawide Monitor in Windows

Download PowerToys to enable FancyZone, a free utility by Microsoft.
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As a software developer, I've always embraced having multiple screens. The productivity gained from having two distinct monitors that can be individually handle opening distinct applications in full screen is by far the reason I chose having multiple monitors over one large ultrawide monitor. However, I was recently given a LG UltraWide 34" monitor.

For about a month, I've been using the built-in [Win] + [Right/Left] to "snap" an application from one half to the other. It kind of works, but in all honest becomes pure frustration. Especially when I have my laptop monitor open, trying to "snap" an application to half the screen in full screen just doesn't work well with the built in Windows functionality.

A quick search led me to download FancyZones by PowerToys, an application my Microsoft. It's available on GitHub as an executable installer or on the Microsoft Store (possibly the first app I've ever downloaded from the Microsoft Store). PowerToys itself comes bundled with a handful of tools. I disabled every single one except FancyZones.

You have full customization to dictate your "zones", their shape and size. I wanted two zones, left and right. By default, there is a shortcut of holding [Shift] while dragging any application and your customized zones appear cleanly overlaying your existing applications. Dropping into the "zone" automatically full screens the application into that zone. Exactly what I want!

Even better, it makes the [Win] + [Right/Left] just a bit smarter! Make it so [Win] + [Right/Left] always moves your application between your zones. Much better than the default Window Snap settings. In the FancyZone settings:

  • "Override Window Snap" to On
  • Check "Move windows between zones across all monitors"
  • If you have a small monitor, make sure you set a zone of one on that monitor.

This free tool PowerToys by Microsoft is a must have utility for everyone with a ultrawide monitor running Windows. In fact, I don't understand why this feature hasn't been baked right into Windows itself. If you've been using multiple monitors, this PowerToys will give you the option of upgrading to a single (or multiple) ultrawide monitors!

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