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We recently tried the escape room by the company ClockWise Escape Room. This is only the second escape room I’ve ever done, but it was substantially more fun compared to the far too difficult escape room that we did at Palace Games (in Palace of Fine Arts, also in San Francisco).  I consider myself novice to the realm of escape rooms, and so ClockWise was a much more appropriate escape room for my level.

ClockWise Escape Room is located on Market Street, in Mid-Market of San Francisco. Directly across the street is Civic Center and Tenderloin. For me, both neighborhoods are sketchy, with the Tenderloin being the worst where the sidewalks are lined with homeless and the air smells like urine. Step carefully to avoid needles and poop. The building itself is a bunch of buildings, where the main entrance serves several other rooms not related to ClockWise. That being said, finding the actual room is easy and on the weekends, there was plenty of street parking.


The upside to less than desirable location of ClockWise is that the price of the escape room per person is fairly affordable, at ~$25 per person (as of Oct 2018). You’ll still have to take parking into consideration, unless you’re taking Uber. But street parking is only around $3-$4 per hour. The rooms can hold up to 10 people at a time and you have an hour to solve the room.


We ended up doing “Party in Vegas”, where the theme is Las Vegas. The escape room is well decorated (though I have the say the decorations in Palace Games was top-notch as it gets). Part of what makes this escape room a >50% escape rate is that the game is very linear, as they explain in the introduction. Once a piece of the puzzle is used, it can essentially be ignored the rest of the time.

There are security cameras that cover every corner of the room with speakers. When you have a question, simply wave at any of the cameras and they can alert you. If you need a time check, do the same thing and ask for a time-check. They attentively monitor the room and are very quick to answer anytime we alerted them through the cameras.

Overall Review

Overall, I give ClockWise 5 Star rating. I would definitely recommend beginners try Party in Vegas while they have three other moderate difficulty rooms that have a lower escape rate. The weekends are easier for bunch of friends to go, but the weekdays would make for a great team building event.

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