Aviation Empire Platinum Tips and Tricks

Aviation Empire in-game screenshot of San Francisco.
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Aviation Empire is a airline simulation Android game (not 100% sure, but fairly certain is sponsored by KLM) where you're goal is to manage an airline, the airports, and the routes that the airline flies. Though not every aspect of the game can be customized, there are a fair number of ways to make your airline more profitable. I've beaten the game all the way to year 2017, so I have a fairly good idea on how the game works and the best tips and tricks for beating Aviation Empire Platinum.

The main goal is cash flow, so each of these tips are ways you can increase cashflow. If you don't keep an eye out for the process carefully, it's possible to have negative cashflow.

Carefully Manage Airline Routes:

  • Increase cashflow by adding airplanes to a route. Try to match a fast airplane with the right number of passengers.
  • Try not to keep passengers waiting too long. If they wait too long, not only will they leave, but you'll have to compensate (negative cashflow) them as well.
  • I find it's better (especially on long haul flights) to always choose "Continue Boarding" instead of "Speedy take-off" to maximize each route.
  • Keep an eye on how much each route makes by click the bottom icon in the bottom right of the World Screen, then clicking the Connections screen. Sort by "Profits" that are the most negative to figure out the problem. Usually, you lose money because "Speedy take-off" is on and you don't have enough passengers to justify the route, or there are too many passengers and you're paying a lot in compensation. In any event, either add an airplane or switch to an airplane with a smaller capacity.

Pick the Right Buildings and Upgrades:

  • Always build the most modern buildings that have the best attribute: star (for Popularity), wrench (for Repairs), crown (for Luxury), and click (for Delay). Each attribute servers a different purpose and 3 stars is better.
  • From what I can tell, the only buildings that you really need to make sure you have are a Upgrades to the Hanger. Basically, you'll want to have at least one of each of the following stations: de-icing stations, bio-fuel stations, and repair stations. Because planes have various maintenance needs, it's good to have plenty of hangers available for any situation to avoid any delays at EVERY airport. I suggest an even number of the three.
  • As for the rest, it wouldn't be uncommon for me to add two of the same upgrade because it provides a better score. 
  • If an airport is always facing delays, you can add buildings that increase Luxury (crown) to increase how long passengers are willing to wait before they demand compensation.

Tips to Improve Busy Airport

  • If you have a busy airport with many connections (max is 16), you'll almost always want to max out on terminals, runways, and Air Traffic Control buildings. The terminals and runways are to help handle to high number of planes. Having multiple Air Traffic Controls is good for preventing any delays (so a plan can land, taxi, de-board, board, and take-off quicker).
  • Build all the luxury buildings.

Choosing Airline Connection Routes

  • Though the simulation allows you to fly the same airplane to multiple cities (up to 6), I find that complicates the process leading to delays and lost profits. I recommend going flying from Airport A to Airport B, and back.
  • As necessary, add multiple planes to the same route. It doesn't have to be the same plane, if the number of passengers doesn't justify it.
  • If one of the airports has twice as many passengers available as another airport and you have "Continue Boarding" active, then simply increase the price on the airport with more passengers to equalize the number of passengers.
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