Art of War: Legion - Thoughts and Strategy

An android game where your troops battle your enemy army.
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Art of War: Legion is an addictive Android game where you choose and organize your tiny army to battle the enemy. It's easy to learn and the graphics are simple, yet complex. Press "Battle" to pit your army and select hero against the campaign levels. There's also an online (kinda) aspect of the game where you battle another real player's army. As you progress through the game, different levels reward you with different amounts of coins and gems. I've had lots of experience, playing up to Level 1759. But at this point, I'm done with the game, but enjoyed playing for a countless number of weeks.

In my opinion, daily time spent generally takes 30-45 minutes. During those 30-45 minutes of play, expect much of your phone's battery life to be drained. Make sure you have a power charger or battery nearby.

Tips and Strategy

After playing past Level 1700, I have a lot of experience and feel like I have reached the max of what I can learn from the game. Below are my strategies in the various aspects of Art of War: Legion.

Battlefield Strategies

  • Place heavy duty troops with lots of health on the front line, but also a couple in the back row.
  • Place your ranged troops (such as archers, bombers and catapult) in the middle.
  • Hero Boxes take a lot longer to open than Troop boxes

Completing Daily Quest Strategies

  • Always have extra coins and gems to simplify passing the next day's "Daily Quests". I generally have 5.00M coins and 5000 gems.
  • The "Daily Quests" may require opening a Troop Box or Hero Box, I always open new boxes when I get a new "Daily Quest".
  • The "Daily Quests" may require collecting a certain Idle Reward, so I avoid collecting Idle Rewards about five hours before the next "Daily Quest".
  • The "Daily Quests" may require acquiring Epic or Legendary troops. Rather than randomly trying, it's easiest to buy it from the Shop with the gems you saved up.

Always Play Headhunt

  • Always play your daily quota Headhunt.
  • You get a lot more reviews from playing Headhunt than the basic campaign.
  • If you finish it within the first 12 hour, I often times notice the timer unexpectedly resets the next morning.

Winning in the Arena

  • Find your best (weakest) enemy. Often times they're located at the bottom of the list.
  • You can refresh your list 10 times before it resets.
  • There are two numbers, a fist and a trophy. Ideally, you want a lower number for both. Having one number low, but the second number high can make the battle a difficult victory.

My Thoughts

  • I feel this game is "fun" because it's difficult it's easy to win every level (headhunts are especially easy).
  • Nice that I don't need to spend real money to progress in the game.
  • The troops are difficult to compare, as many of them look the same from the view.
  • You do have the option to arrange your troops and choose from 3 default locations for your hero, but its unlikely you'll want to change it between different battles.
  • Once you get your troop layout figured out, it gets boring fairly fast. It's still somehow addictive.
  • You can't choose new troops or heroes. You get them randomly from cards you buy with coins and gems.
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