Are more muscular partners more likely to like it? What is the ideal body shape for a woman?

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Sexual psychology experts say: Most women choose breasts because most lovers in the world still habitually live in woman and man poses, with the breasts facing the woman when using this most traditional missionary pose s eyes. Therefore, it makes women think about sex subconsciously. Honeyloveyou will share with you.

In addition, 19% of women choose the hand or arm (women who choose this answer tend to have an aura of plastic art and pay more attention to the spirit than the body), and 21% of women choose the nose (the women who choose this answer are sullen and full of sex life. Imagine), there are also 10% of women who choose the area closest to the penis, the butt (the best choice for honest fuck-type women who enjoy physical experience).

One of the subjective assumptions: the more muscular I am, the more my sex partner likes it

Many boys blindly pursue the perfect body, but not for physical and mental health. In their imaginations, the better their muscles are, the more they will be able to love their sweetheart in bed.

However, scientific research confirms that muscular men are not the best sex partners for most women. Muscular is taking into account the boy's own vanity.

In fact, the ideal body shape for a woman is: gentle eyes, slender limbs, soft and stretched skin, and not too developed biceps and pectoral muscles.

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