How to Reach the Leaderboard is a web based, android, iphone, game where your aim is to be the largest cell.
The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. is a simple, yet strangely addicting multiplayer game. The game is available on Android or iPhone as a native app and also in browser on your favorite computer. At face value, rules are fairly simple:

  1. You start as a small and fast cell.
  2. As you eat mass, your cell grows in size.
  3. The larger your cell becomes, the slower the speed. But you can now also eat smaller cells.

You have the option to split your cell in half, mostly used to eat smaller cells. Or eject mass, to move faster or attract smaller cells. Get too big, and your cell slowly begins to shrink. The whole point of the game is to become the biggest cell in the game. Due to the nature of the game, the leaderboard is always changing. And there are many strategies. Play it slow and steady, but risk being eaten my larger cells. Be greedy and split your cell to grow faster. Don't let other cells stop you toward your goal of becoming the largest cell. Even after hours of game time, it seems impossible to attain the top spot. And that's what makes so addicting! Tips and Strategies - there are many strategies to increase your odds of reaching the top spot, and some tips may vary from game to game.

Obvious Tips:

  • For best results, avoid playing on an Android or iOS device. The touchscreen interface is smooth and intuitive, but a finger on the screen ends of partially blocking your view of the screen. Play this game on a PC or Mac for the advantage of a larger screen and easier navigation with a mouse.
  • Avoid larger cells by keeping a safe distance. This means you'll have to keep a watchful eye on the edge of the screen for large cells.
  • Split carefully. Even though a split isn't permanent, it does take time before the cell will merge. This leaves you vulnerable.
  • Use "Green Breaker Cells" to hide behind or around when encountering larger cells, but don't depend on them. Typically, when your cell size is approximately 100, super large cells won't waste a split to capture you.
  • Keep and eye out for the edge and corner, where you can easily get trapped my multiple larger cells.

Intermediate Tips:

  • In general, don't begin splitting to capture others until you've reached about 200 in size. Doing so beforehand makes your cell too vulnerable and a target for medium-sized cells.
  • Only split from one cell to two cell. Trying to control four or more cells at once is too difficult and paints a large target on your cells.
  • To get in the Top 10, expect to need at least 1500 in size. Before you get to the Top 10 list, you're goal is to collect mass any way possible. Once you hit the Top 10, stop collecting individual mass because you'll be losing mass faster than you can gain it.
  • If you're in a tight spot, stuck between many cells larger than you, use this to your advantage. Multiple equally sized cells won't risk splitting out of fear of being eaten by one of the other nearby cells.
  • If you're getting cornered, a last ditch effort is to split to save half the cell. You may lose half, but at least you won't have to restart from scratch.
  • During a split, a cell won't merge unless you give it the chance to merge. So if you have a large cell following a smaller cell, you can keep the artificially separated until you're ready to join them, possibly as another cell is ready to attack.

Advanced Tips:

  • If you're a large cell that has recently split, use the edge to your advantage to quicken a merge. Use the 'Eject Mass' feature towards a corner where you can immediately collect the mass again.
  • If you're a medium sized cell near a "Green Breaker Cell" and a super large cell, you can 'Eject Mass' into the "Green Breaker Cell" to get that cell to split and hopefully crash into the Super Large Cell, splitting it up into many tiny cells.

You have the option to play as a guest, but I highly recommend registering with either Google or Facebook to save your progress. This way, you can start adding up points to get different skins and other paid for features.


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