2023: How to do oral sex on a girl?

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01. Understand the physiological structure of female partners

First of all, before oral sex, please study hard and understand the physiological structure of a female partner! Many people lack a certain understanding of women's orgasm methods and sensitive zones. It is difficult to habitually use the tongue as a penis during oral sex, simulating penetrative sex, or licking the tongue indiscriminately against the entire pussy To bring joy to female companions.

How to do oral sex on a girl?

First, we need to know that vaginal "squirting" is a fictional concept and cannot be used as a basis for judging whether a woman has an orgasm. The "squirting" in pornographic movies is actually the urine secreted by female actors when they climax. These female actors usually drink a lot of water before filming, so the urine will appear in a nearly colorless and odorless state.

How to do oral sex on a girl?

When women are sexually stimulated, the vaginal opening does secrete a liquid called "Path's gland fluid", which is what we often call "love fluid". These "love fluids" can lubricate and neutralize the acidic environment in the vagina to increase the survival rate of sperm, but they will not reach the level of ejaculation in pornographic movies, only about 20ml at most. Therefore, during oral sex, the presence or absence of "squirting" cannot be used as the criterion for judging whether the female partner has reached orgasm.

Secondly, we must understand that the most sensitive place for women is the clitoris, so the essence of oral sex is not to stimulate the vagina through tongue imitation penetrative sex but to treat the clitoris as a heart and soul.

However, although the clitoris is the highlight of oral sex, it is not the only sensitive zone on the female partner's body. Don't "take a scoop of three thousand for weak water" during oral sex. Knowing your partner's sensitive zones and pampering them as much as possible before the big scene is over is a very important part of oral sex.

Finally, women's orgasms are long and long. A single orgasm lasts for as long as 20 seconds, and the most important thing is that there is no "refractory period" and they can reach orgasms continuously. Therefore, before oral sex, you need to communicate well with your female partner to understand whether the other party desires continuous pleasure or short-term pleasure that ends abruptly.

02. Pay attention to hygiene

All oral sex must pay attention to body cleanliness. Girls' genitals are prone to bacterial infection, so before oral sex, the other half must remember to clean the body, especially the mouth, face, and hands.

How to do oral sex on a girl?

Secondly, for female partners, it is of course very necessary to carefully clean their bodies, especially the genitals, but remember not to over-clean. Many women worry that their genitals may not smell good, so they use cleansing products to neutralize the smell, and even spray perfume on and near their genitals.

In fact, these "cleaning" will cause harm to the genitals instead.

The ecological balance in the vagina itself is weakly acidic, and this weakly acidic environment is enough to prevent harmful bacteria from living. Washing without a doctor's advice can easily break the fragile ecological balance inside the vagina, but will destroy the original acidic protective film and increase the risk of infectious diseases.

At the same time, spraying perfume near the genitals can easily stimulate these internal barriers and disrupt the acid-base balance, thereby making these barriers lose their normal defense functions and may cause vaginitis.

03. Choose a sustainable position

It can save labor and last long. During oral sex, try to choose a posture that is less labor-intensive, so that both parties will not be too tired. On the one hand, oral sex is for relaxation and pleasure, not for muscle training. There is no need to choose such difficult movements to keep the muscles in a state of tension.

On the other hand, because women's orgasm is different from men's, women's orgasm has no refractory period and can last forever, so oral sex may take a long time, so it is more necessary to choose a sustainable position for it.

One of the most common energy-saving positions is to let the other half lie flat, then the female partner sits on her knees and points her vulva to the other half's face. In this position, women can actively adjust their position to find the most sensitive and comfortable point. If conditions permit, the female partner can lightly support the wall, which will save more effort.

At the same time, the other half gently wraps their hands around the thighs of the female partner. On the one hand, it can save the female partner more effort. On the other hand, it can also slightly fix the female partner's twisting range, so that the female partner's genitals can be aligned with your own face. Always keep at an appropriate distance.

There is also a more labor-saving position, which is to let the female partner lie flat, put the buttocks at the end of the bed, then the other half kneels on the ground, lightly wrap one hand around the female partner's thigh, and gently lift the other hand of the female partner with the other hand leg. This position can make it convenient for women to caress the sensitive zone of the upper body with both hands and increase pleasure.

The most labor-saving position is to let the female partner lie on the upper body, raise the legs and put them on the other half's shoulders naturally, and then use a pillow to pad the female partner's waist and hips to raise the female partner's genitals. If the other half is a man, this position can also facilitate the male partner to rub his penis with the bed sheet!

Of course, friends with spare energy can also challenge more difficult poses, but try not to put your body in a state of high burden. After all, oral sex is for pleasure, not for showing off skills.

04. Foreplay is very important

Foreplay is an essential part of good sex. It can help us eliminate tension and anxiety, soothe emotions, arouse desire, stimulate the secretion of apricot glands, let us enter the state better, and improve the quality of our sex.

So good foreplay is about creating a pleasing and relaxing sexual atmosphere and letting our bodies slowly let go by satisfying our five senses.

Good foreplay can have sexy clothing and pleasant fragrance, but these "foreign objects" are far from enough. The most important thing is to have mutual gentle caress and sweet love words.

Studies have shown that the top four sexual activities women like most are savoring the pleasure of intimate kissing, touching the sensitive zone, flirting and sweet talking, and kissing and exhaling in the ear.

How to do oral sex on a girl?

Try hugging, kissing, and frankly expressing your love and praise during foreplay, and you will get twice the result with half the effort.

When caressing, you can use your lips and hands to caress, kiss, and gently shake the other party's erogenous zone, tease the female partner's body one by one from top to bottom to "get hot", and finally slowly open the female partner's legs, and use the lips to gradually move towards the genitals The nearby area moved around for a kiss, and then briefly ran his tongue across the pussy.

At this time, there is no need to lick directly to the clitoris in a hurry, and continue to maintain the state of the skin covering the clitoris, and slowly start to lick lightly in circles from around. At first, you can draw large circles around the entire vagina, and then gradually become smaller circles. It is best not to touch the clitoris on purpose, and then switch back to the big circle when it is close to the clitoris, and repeat one or two cycles.

The process from kissing to simply circling the entire pussy should not last too long, lest there be side effects and gradually reduce the pleasure. When the female partner's clit starts to engorge and enlarged, we can start the next big thing.

05. Actions must be gentle

The enlarged clitoris of the female partner usually means that she has begun to be in a state of excitement, but it is best not to open the outer skin and lick at this time because the clitoris is very fragile and sensitive.

At this time, it is best to lick it back and forth with the entire tongue across the skin. The way of licking does not need to be limited to making circles, and you can even play some small games such as guessing letters to add some fun.

Then use your hands or lips to gently peel off the outer skin to expose the entire clitoris. When pulling apart, you can also suck the labia one by one, or even touch the labia with your teeth very gently when sucking, and then gently poke and lick it with the tip of the tongue and the tongue surface alternately, up and down and sometimes rotating.

How to do oral sex on a girl?

When licking, please try to avoid using your teeth and control your strength so as not to hurt your female partner.

Although oral sex is to help the female partner achieve clitoral orgasm, if necessary, you can also lick alternately between the clitoris and the vagina, just don't ignore the clitoris when licking the vagina. For example, when licking the vagina, put the nose on the clitoris, so that when licking, the nose will rub up and down to stimulate the clitoris.

When the female partner is about to orgasm, suck on the female partner's clitoris to accelerate the stimulation of the clitoris and help her reach orgasm.

Be gentle when sucking, too. Hold it first, then suck it lightly and slowly poke and lick the clitoris up and down at a faster pace with your tongue until your female partner reaches orgasm.

06. Communication, understanding, and respect

All relationships should be based on equality and respect, and oral sex is no exception. As mentioned above, women's orgasm stretches like a mountain range. Before oral sex, you must communicate with your female partner to understand whether the female partner wants a continuous or short-term orgasm.

If you want a long one, and you have the ability and willingness, you can repeat the above-mentioned oral sex skills again to help your female partner enjoy the orgasm again; if your female partner wants to be short, then proceed to the next link according to the needs of both parties.

In short, you must listen carefully to the other person's desire, understand what the other person wants, and then try to satisfy the other person's desire as much as possible within the conditions that you can accept.

How to do oral sex on a girl?

Of course, while one party listens carefully to the other party's voice, it also requires the other party to express its appeal bravely. The double standard of sexual morality often constrains women from bravely expressing their needs and desires. Because of the fear of being labeled as sluts and coquettish moral labels, many women get into the cover of chastity and play the role of passive enjoyment again and again. These condoms not only prevent women from pursuing sexual pleasure but also prevent the relationship from developing in a more intimate direction.

At this time, as a partner, you should take the initiative to encourage your female partner to bravely express your inner desires, and give your female partner a sense of security through words and deeds, so that she no longer worries that once her desires are expressed, she will be in danger of being judged morally.

At the same time, we must really respect the voice of the female partner, especially when she says "no", "please don't continue" and other words that contain rejection. We often see such a sentence, "The mouth says no, but the body is very honest." This sentence is actually a misunderstanding. It mistakenly regards girls' physiological reactions as the only indicator of sexual excitement, and women refuse to admit these reactions of their own but are ashamed to admit and express their sexual desires.

First of all, we need to make it clear that when a woman's genitals are stimulated, there will be specific physiological responses, but genital responses are not equal to consent and pleasure.

Unless the female partner realizes that she will have such words in the process, but these words do not really express the meaning of rejection, otherwise stop according to the female partner's words, wait for the female partner to slow down, and then listen carefully to her voice. Because a woman's voice often reveals more about her true feelings than her sex organs.

There are thousands of skills in oral sex, and Honeyloveyou is just showing the tip of the iceberg here. I hope you can explore your body more, practice more, try more, and communicate with your partner more.

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