What You Need to Know About Penis Enlargement Surgery: 2022 Definitive Guide

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In life, many seemingly healthy men have the problem of short genital development, which often causes them a sense of depression, dare not go to the bathhouse to take a bath, are withdrawn and introverted, have a discordant sex life, and some even lead to family The breakdown of the relationship. Therefore, many patients are eager to change the status quo. Today Honeyloveyou will introduce you to penis enlargement surgery.


  • ?How to make a man's penis no longer short - penis lengthening
  • Learn all about penis lengthening surgery
  • Introduction to common knowledge of penis extension surgery
  • Penis Extension Case Study

How to make a man's penis no longer short - penis lengthening

01. How to make a man's penis no longer short - penis lengthening

So is there any way to lengthen the penis? The advent of penis enlargement surgery saved them from having sex. Andrology experts point out that there is no absolute standard value for the penis, and generally as long as it can normally complete sexual behaviors, it is regarded as a normal penis.

Generally, the length of the penis in the flaccid state is 8 cm. Because the penis changes greatly in the state of weakness, such as tension, fatigue, and cold, the penis will be relatively shortened, and the size will remain relatively constant after full erection, so the best time to measure is when the penis is fully erected. The general length of the penis after erection is 13-18.6 cm (a few people will be longer, which is normal). Hold the coronal groove of the head of the penis with the thumb and index finger, press the ruler against the pubic symphysis at the base of the penis with a little force, and measure the length of the head of the penis (external opening of the urethra) to the base, and the result is the length of the penis.

Symptoms of a small penis:

1. When the penis is weak, the length from the pubic bone to the glans penis is less than 6.5cm. Some small penis length is less than 3cm.

2. The testicles are very small, some are only the size of peanuts or thumbs, and the texture is soft, and some have no testicles in the scrotum at all, which is called cryptorchidism.

3. Dysplasia of secondary sexual symptoms, no beard, armpit hair and pubic hair, but also show the characteristics of women such as delicate skin, high-pitched tone, and no Adam's apple to varying degrees.

4. Body shape changes: obesity, breast development, buttocks enlargement, short stature, etc.

5. Sexual dysfunction or loss of sexual function, if you are married, you will not be able to complete your sexual life.

6. There are often no sperm in the semen, but sometimes spermatogenic cells can be seen.

Causes of a small penis:

(1) The influence of genetics is fundamental; improper administration during pregnancy will affect the secretion of male hormones, resulting in congenital deficiency; lack of nutrients and elements for robust sexual function, resulting in congenital dysplasia;

(2) During the development of adolescents, the intake of zinc, male hormones, vitamin E and related proteins is insufficient, lack of acquired energy supplement, and can not play the role of strengthening sexual organs;

(3) The internal body is cold, afraid of cold, and the yang qi in the body is insufficient, so that the penis cannot protrude, and part of the penis shrinks in the abdomen; excessive sexual activity, physical weakness or frequent masturbation during the early development of adolescents makes the kidneys develop No energy to enlarge the developing sex organs, resulting in a short penis;

(4) Suffering from orchitis, cryptorchidism, testicular hypoplasia, endocrine imbalance, and male hormone deficiency.

Penis lengthening surgery 

An effective method of penis lengthening - penis lengthening and thickening surgery professionally saves "small" men

Penis enlargement and enlargement surgery is a reproductive plastic surgery technology introduced by the hospital that is popular in Europe and the United States. According to the physiological characteristics of different men, the superficial suspensory ligament and the deep suspensory ligament on the penis are cut off at appropriate positions, so that the corpus cavernosum buried in the body is separated, and the suture technique of filling in and pulling out is used to lengthen the external part of the penis. 3 to 6 cm, thereby increasing the effective length of the penis. This operation can not only extend the penis to a nearly normal length, but also have normal erection and sensory function, and has the advantages of no pain, short time, quick recovery, one-time success, and so on.

Advantages of penis extension surgery

1. High-end technology, fine surgery: Using cutting-edge reproductive plastic technology, the corpus cavernosum buried in front of the pubic symphysis becomes a free part, and the buried corpus cavernosum can be freed about 3-6cm, thereby increasing the effective length of the penis.

2. Minimally invasive surgery, painless and beautiful: Penis lengthening surgery is based on minimally invasive surgery, not only the incision is hidden, the scar is small, but also natural and beautiful, with the passage of time, the scar becomes more and more faded.

3. Experts, safe operation: The hospital has experienced andrology experts and cutting-edge reproductive plastic technology equipment. The operation time is short, and the entire operation process is standardized and safe.

4. Reliable effect, no complication, no effect on reproductive function: because the operation itself does not involve the testis, it will not damage the urethra and ejaculation function, so it will not affect the reproductive function, and will not affect its feeling and function.

5. It will not affect sexual life after operation: because penis lengthening only loosens part of the ligaments that restrain the penis without adding any material, it will not affect erectile function. Many patients who have undergone surgery will have penile erection that night.

Penis extension and enlargement surgery professionally saves "little" men. Penis extension surgery can make you have a happy life, throw away your inferiority complex, and be a man with your head held high. This is the real man.

02. Learn all about penis lengthening surgery

The dignity of a man is closely related to the penis, and men will compare the size of the penis intentionally or unintentionally. If the penis is too short, they often feel anxious and inferior, and want to extend their penis by other means. It is true that there is penis extension surgery in medicine, but can this surgery be done casually?

Let's talk about it in detail today!

(1). What is penis extension surgery

Originally, if the penis is deficient due to burns, trauma, etc., or congenital penile dysplasia, which causes the penis to be too short, penis extension surgery is required.

However, due to people's blind pursuit of penis length and some inappropriate publicity about penis extension surgery, penis extension surgery has only had a place in the market, and it has also become a so-called "plastic cosmetic surgery".

(2). How to do penis extension surgery

In fact, many people's penis is not as short as imagined, normal people's static =4cm, the effective length of erection =9.5cm, that is within the normal range.

Generally speaking, when the penis is less than 4 cm in the weak state and less than 8 cm in the erect state, it is called a short penis.

Only after the evaluation by a professional doctor, it is confirmed that the penis is short and cannot meet the sexual requirements of the female partner. Penis extension surgery will be recommended to extend the penis to a near normal length and promote a harmonious life for husband and wife.

Therefore, those who say that you can do penis extension surgery at will are deceitful!

What is penis extension surgery


The specific operation of penis extension surgery is to cut off the superficial suspensory ligament and deep suspensory ligament on the penis from the appropriate position, so that part of the corpus cavernosum originally buried in the body is separated, and then the upper end of the scrotum or the adjacent skin flap is covered and separated. The wound surface of the corpus cavernosum extends the external part of the penis by 3-5 cm, ideally, it does not affect the normal function of the penis.

(3). Are there any side effects of penis lengthening surgery?

As mentioned earlier, to do penis extension surgery, the two ligaments on the penis need to be cut off, and these two ligaments are the guarantee for the penis to be lifted up firmly.

Therefore, after the operation, the penis loses its fixation, and the penis may sway and become difficult to penetrate during sex.

In addition, although in theory cutting these two ligaments will not affect normal erection and sensation, there may also be insufficient erection, unexplained loss of sexual ability and complications, and many unscrupulous doctors in informal hospitals will not emphasize at this point.

In short, just to get longer, don't consider penis extension surgery!

Besides, "big" doesn't mean "good sex," does it? 

Special Remind: Contains real photos, if you feel unwell, please do not continue reading!

Adult Information Warning

03. Introduction to common knowledge of penis extension surgery

The penis is short and stunted, which often brings great distress to patients, affects sexual life, and thus affects the relationship between husband and wife. At present, there is no effective drug to increase the thickness of the penis. The most effective method is surgery, or use of Penis Extender. The Penis Enlarger Erection Device makes the penis bigger and thicker.

1. Indications for penis lengthening and thickening surgery:

(1) It is required to be an adult man, and the general hospital also requires a married man.

(2) According to vaginal anatomy and female physiological characteristics and the normal length of Chinese adult male penis, the normal condition is 7 poor, the length of erection is less than 10 cm, and can not meet the female sexual requirements, penis extension surgery can be performed.

(3) Most of the penis is defective, and the length of erection is generally only 3 to 5 cm. Penile reconstruction surgery is routinely performed, but the reconstructed penis currently does not have normal erection and sensory function.

For example, the corpus cavernosum extension is used to cut the superficial and deep ligaments of the penis to the pubic arch, so that the corpus cavernosum buried in front of the pubic symphysis becomes a free part, thereby increasing the effective length of the penis, and then use the inguinal island flap to repair the corpus cavernosum. Extended wound. This procedure can not only extend the penis to a near-normal length, but also have normal erection and sensory function.

(4) When a small penis is erect, its length and circumference are between 5 and 8 cm, and when the testis volume is greater than 6 ml, it is beneficial to perform penis lengthening at the same time as the penis enlargement operation, which is beneficial to the shape of the penis being close to normal.

(5) For congenital ectopic penile deformity, penis lengthening surgery is used according to the condition to lengthen and reset the penis.

(6) For penile venous fistula impotence, ligation of the superficial dorsal vein of the penis and penis lengthening can often achieve better results.

2. The medical principle of penis enlargement

Cut off the superficial suspensory ligament and deep suspensory ligament on the penis from the appropriate position, so that the section of the corpus cavernosum buried in the perineum can be separated, and the external part of the penis can be extended by 3 to 5 cm. The flap covers the wound of the separated corpus cavernosum, so that the defective penis can be extended by 3 to 5 cm.

Since the corpus cavernosum retains its own nerves, blood vessels and normal corpus cavernosum structure, the reconstructed penis has sensory and erectile function in addition to a near-normal length.

3. Penis enlargement surgery procedure

Mainly by releasing and cutting off the superficial suspensory ligament attached to the pubic bone, the method of releasing the deep suspensory ligament of the penis, so that the penis can avoid being pulled by the suspensory ligament after erection; After surgery, the short penis can generally grow by 2-4 cm.

For some patients with small penis with impotence, a silicone strip with built-in silver wire can also be used to insert between the two corpus cavernosums to enlarge and thicken the penis. The advantage of this method is that the surgical method is relatively simple, safe, and in It can effectively enhance sexual stimulation during sex.

In the aspect of penis enlargement, the method of fat particle injection is introduced to achieve the purpose of enlargement of the penis, and the effect is ideal. For those who are concerned about surgery, non-surgical treatment can also be performed with a male genital negative pressure therapy device.

This therapeutic device uses negative pressure suction and traction on the penis, which can increase the arterial blood supply of the penis, fill the cavernous tissue of the penis, and limit the venous return, so that the penis can be continuously enlarged. Usually, filling training is carried out every morning and evening. , The duration is 30 minutes, and 15 days is a course of treatment. Generally, after 2-4 courses of treatment, the short penis can grow and thicken to a certain extent.

Of course, this requires that the patient's endocrine function is normal, and the blood testosterone level should also be within the normal range. This is an ideal non-surgical plastic method that combines physical and psychological treatment without disturbing endocrine function. In addition, this method also has a certain therapeutic effect on abnormal conditions such as impotence, premature ejaculation, and non-ejaculation.

04. Penis Extension Case Study

Patient information: Xiao Zhang, 28 years old, works as a planning specialist in a company

Suffering from the disease: short penis

Chief complaint symptoms: short penis, low self-esteem and dare not fall in love

Therapeutic effect: accepted penis lengthening surgery, so that Xiao Zhang no longer has low self-esteem

 Small penis - Before penis extension surgery

(before penis surgery)

(1). Born with a short penis, low self-esteem and dare not fall in love

College student Xiao Zhang is a handsome and handsome guy. Since graduating, he has been planning in a company in Taiyuan. He is shrewd and capable in his work, and is highly appreciated by the leaders of the company. But Xiao Zhang has been unhappy and has not made a girlfriend. It turned out that Xiao Zhang had a secret. He was born with a short penis, so he felt inferior and did not dare to fall in love.

Later, after being introduced by a friend, he came to the hospital and received penis extension surgery, which made Xiao Zhang no longer feel inferior.

after penis surgery

(after penis surgery)

(2). What is a short penis?

Short penis means that the length and circumference of the adult male penis are smaller than the average of normal men under normal temperature and normal conditions, and its main side effect is to affect the normal sexual life.

At present, there are some misunderstandings about the short penis. For ordinary men, if the penis can have sex after erection, it does not belong to the short penis. At present, it seems that the short penis is mainly caused by heredity. Some people mistakenly think that their penis is short due to misunderstanding. The latter can take penis-activating growth factor drugs and psychological treatment.

The penis is shorter than 2.5 cm before puberty and shorter than 5 cm after puberty, that is, the penis is short or penile dysplasia.

(3). The ultimate ideal of superb technology

I worried about Xiao Zhang's short penis for several years, and forced Xiao Zhang to go to various places for medical treatment, which cost him a lot of money. Just when Xiao Zhang thought there was no hope, he was introduced to the hospital by a friend. After examination by an andrology specialist, he performed a minimally invasive penis lengthening operation for Xiao Zhang, which finally made Xiao Zhang regain his self-confidence.

(4). Expert advice

01. Exercise more and strengthen nutrition. Exercise slowly, often doing levator ani exercises.

02. It is recommended to treat under the guidance of a local doctor or pharmacist.

(5). Penis lengthening

Penis lengthening can effectively extend to a nearly normal length, perfectly improving the quality of life of couples. The operation is safe, minimally invasive, delicate, without scars after surgery, natural and beautiful, and promotes re-development, especially for reproductive plastic surgery with congenital defects (short and small organs), which is a major breakthrough!

Penis Lengthening:

Once formed, it will eventually become a large product, perfect without traces, without sequelae, scientifically extended by 3-5 cm, and thickened by 1-2 cm after surgery.

After penis lengthening, you need to rest for 1 week, and you can have sex after 1 month. Patients undergoing surgery should be fully psychologically prepared before surgery, and preoperative examinations should be done well.

Experts remind: If patients with symptoms of the disease, should go to a professional male specialist hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible, do not delay the disease, so as to avoid more harm.

If you think penis extension surgery is troublesome, you can try using a Penis Extender, which is also a good way to increase penis thickness.

Penis Extender Male Dick Enlargement

Finally, with such a small penis, how can you have an orgasm?

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