Unique Japanese Shaved Ice Dessert in Millbrae

Kakiyuki Japanese Shaved Ice in Millbrae, California
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Millbrae has an endless number of food options. When it comes to sweets, there's many boba milk tea shops, but not many dessert places. The Japanese dessert shop, Kakiyuki, is simple dessert shop. They serve shaved ice (with various flavor options) and mochi bites. At around $14 for the shaved ice, its on the higher end for dessert prices. Note that the shaved ice is large enough to be shared by 2 or 3 people.

I've shaved ice is super smooth and strongly flavored. In the case of the picture, it's matcha! Unfortunately, the inside isn't all flavored. There's a layer of unflavored snow followed by a ball of red bean. In some ways, I wish it was all shaved snow, but the overall dessert is not only amazing, but very unique. I'll be back to try all the other flavors of shaved ice.

It's been noted that ordering its normal. After ordering you get a buzzer for when your dessert is ready. After which, you find a free table. When your dessert is ready, you go to a small stainless steel door to the kitchen where you trade the buzzer in for your dessert. This is just like how they do it in Japan. The stainless steel door seems very cold and non-friendly, but that's how this shop is run.

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