Truffle Carpaccio (from Costco!)

Thin shaved slices of truffle in olive oil
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Aside from truffle oil infused foods like cheese, I've never purchased Truffles for home cooking. I didn't even know it was possible let alone which aisle in the store or how it's packaged. To my surprise, I saw a small 6.35oz bottle of thinly shaved slices of summer truffles in olive oil at my local Costco in South San Francisco. The brand is by Dittmann and they're Italian black summer truffles, that are thin sliced and in olive oil.

Cooking with Truffle Carpaccio

Time to look up some recipes, but the back of the box recommends:

  • addition to omelet, utilizing the truffle infused oil.
  • enhancing a simple plain pasta with thin slices of truffle
  • add to a simple splice of bread with cheese and some truffle carpaccio

More truffle recipes from the web:

Cost of Truffle Carpaccio

Since any dish containing the word truffle is mostly found at a fancy restaurant, I was surprised when the Costco price was only $23.49. Probably not a Costco product I'd consistently buy, it was worth buying to try. After I got home, I wanted to compare the Costco price with Amazon and found the exact same product by the same manufacturer and bottle size is $40 on Amazon (check out the 4.6 star reviews). Without even trying it yet, it makes me want to buy another bottle.

Here are some tidbits I've picked up regarding Truffle Carpaccio:

  1. Keep unopened jars in a cool dark place
  2. Refrigerate an open jar. It may congeal, but leave out and bring to room temperature
  3. An open jar of truffles should be very fragrant
  4. A little bit of truffles goes a long way
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