The Addictive Puzzler... 2048

An addictive puzzler available on platforms with a browser.
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If you love the challenge of solving puzzles, you're going to love the free game 2048 by Gabriele Cirulli. Not only is 2048 simple to learn, but it is also a puzzler that is insanely addictive. And it's available on most platforms that have a browser. Because it is programmed in HTML5, it works on both PC and Mac in addition to your favorite smartphone and tablet. 

The gameplay for 2048 is simple. You are presented with a 4x4 matrix with tiles with face value. Press the Up key and all the tiles move up. Press the Down key and all the tiles move down. Press the Right key and all the tiles move to the right. Press the Left key, and all the tiles move to the left. If two tiles of the same face value share an edge, the two tiles get merged into one and values summed together. With each keystroke, a new tile is added to an empty portion of the matrix. The goal is to get one of the tiles to read 2048. You lose if there aren't any more moves.

What makes this 2048 so addicting? For one, the gameplay moves at your pace. If you can do the math and plan ahead faster, you can go quicker. The beginning is easy, and you can therefore play it without much thought. However, as the game progresses, you have to make smart moves if you want to win. And smart moves take thought and patience. At some point, you will get so close to the 2048 tile and end up making a stupid mistake. There isn't an undo button, but there is a retry button.

Challenge yourself to reach the 2048 tile without looking online for tips or bots! And race to beat your friends to the finish line. Play now!

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