Tents and Trees - Logic Puzzle Game for Android and iOS

Tents and Trees by Frozax Games, a very good logical game.
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I recently started playing on Android Tents and Trees developed by Frozax Games. It turned out to be an amazing logic puzzle game, a sort of hybrid between Sudoku and minesweeper. The upside being that in both of those games, it's often time necessary to make a guess. Guess are not necessary in Tents and Trees.

The goal (with other rules) is to place one tent adjacent (via 4 tiles) to one tree. However, a tent cannot be surrounded (via 8 tiles) by another tent. Depending on how trees are aligned, it is possible for multiple tents to be adjacent to a one tree.

The game is great for those who like logical puzzles, but will drive those who "guess" insane!

A Logical Solution

Unlike other logic games like Sudoku and minesweeper, where the harder levels are often times "harder" because you need to make a 50/50 guess, this is not a problem in Tents and Trees. Tents and Trees always has a logical solution at every turn until the puzzle is solved.

The logic is made more difficult based on the layout of the starting trees and by the size of the puzzle. The game starts in a 6x6 format and gets larger and larger.

Free Tents and Trees Clues

I can provide all the clues here, but all the clues you will ever need are provided by Tents and Trees in the app for free. When you are stuck, simply click the large question mark for a clue. Not only will it give you a clue based on your current status (their tips even take into account any mistakes you've already made), it will explains the logic.

To make Tents and Trees more enjoyable, I'd use the clues only when you really cannot find anything else. The clues are fairly clever once you learn it for the first time, and become surprisingly easy to find in the future when you're stuck.

Free Coins

Tents and Trees is a free game. Therefore, the developers have chosen a unique method of encouraging profit without negatively impacting the game. Once your puzzle starts, there are no interruptions with ads. Coins are obtains via the following methods:

  • 2 coins for every puzzle solved (6 free daily puzzles + puzzle packs)
  • 2 coins for every video ad (available after winning a puzzle + occasionally via the menu)
  • 10 coins for simply opening Tents and Trees app and clicking a button

Coin Hint: The video ads available in the menu are available occasionally and get you 2 coins. If you close the Tents and Trees app completely and reopen it, the video ad will become immediately available for another 2 coins.

Download Tents and Trees

Try it on Android or iOS.

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