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While researching for the best deal on a Weber Spirit E210, I came across an unfamiliar online retailer. I generally feel most comfortable either ordering from Amazon or highly rated EBay sellers. However, for a pricey grill, I wanted to find the best deal. Like most online purchases, I understood that buying online meant a delay of around a week or more for shipping, but that there was the opportunity to save money by purchasing from an online retailer that does not charge tax.

After a some quick research on my product, I found that I could save money by shopping online with

  1. does not charge sales tax.
  2. Earn 3% cashback at deal site
  3. Earn 3% cashback with which must be spent within a few months.
  4. Earn 1% back with my cashback credit card.
  5. Free shipping!
  6. 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Shopping with 30,000+ reviews.

So in calculating my total savings, I expect to save money from my $400 Weber Spirit E210 purchase online at based on the following breakdown:

  1. Sales tax: Save $36
  2. Fatwallet Cashback: Save $12
  3. Cashback: Save $12.
  4. Credit Card Cashback: Save $4.

In total, I am expecting to save approximately $64 on a $400 Weber grill. And granted I won't get all the cash back immediately, I do buy enough from online retailers where to the point where I would reap the benefits of the various cashback methods.

Some negative aspects of a Wayfair purchase that you should be careful of before making a purchase:

  1. Wayfair allows you to purchase an item even if the inventory status is unknown. To be fair, there was a note on the product page that states shipping will take 3-4 weeks. In my opinion, a store (online or not) should not be selling products where the inventory status is unknown.
  2. Wayfair charged the price of the product before the product is shipped. It would not be a big deal if the item was shipped via a few days, but that just wasn't the case. For me, it took more than 2 weeks since order date to shipping date. On the upside, shipping only took 3 days (standard free shipping).

On the upside, there were some positive aspects:

  1. The system is easy to use. This includes looking up information on on your orders, going through their support system, and even searching and finding information.
  2. Once I realized the product I ordered had a status of unknown, getting in contact with customer service was easy. Though they weren't much help, they did offer to email me with a status update, which never happened. But finding someone to talk to was very easy!

In general, I would likely order from again. However, in the future, I would watch more closely for the "Inventory Status" along with the "Ships In" date. I love the fact that they offer a percentage of your purchase back to your for future purchases, which would entice me to shop again at

From what I read online, the's business model is not to hold inventory on most of their items. Instead, when you order an item, it is shipped directly from the manufactuerer's warehouse to the buyer. This is known as "Drop Shipping". This way, any savings can be passed on to the buyer in the form of credit. Additionally, is a new name for CSN Stores, which was a startup that reached $500 million in revenue before taking outside capital.

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