Pre-Brewed High Quality Coffee Delivered

Cometeer Pre-Brewed Coffee, delivered via subscription to your house.
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Coffee is part of my everyday life. Pre-COVID, I drink one or two cups from the office coffee-bar. During COVID on workdays, I've been consistently using a french press with my own grinds with a burr grinder. But on the weekend, I drink less and stick to my Nespresso machine. And when I'm not at home, coffee shops are everywhere! As a gift, I've purchased a single cup coffee machine. We've even tried coffee powders, though it turned out to be a one time purchase.

Now, I've recently tried the coffee from Cometeer, that pre-brews the coffee beans from major brands, then flash freezes the concentrate, and delivers it right to my door. No coffee machine needed, just add 6-8oz of hot water to a cup along with the flash frozen coffee pod. It's as simple as that. The coffee tastes high quality like something freshly brewed at Blue Bottle (a major coffee chain with very high quality pour over coffee) without having to leave my house.

Coffee Delivered

The Cometeer shipment is packed in eco-friendly packaging. The entire box including the insulation is 100% recyclable. That's surprising an make for easy disposal. The coffee pods themselves are shipped on dry ice. And the pods themselves are fully recyclable. From a convenience standpoint, it's this product is a clear winner.

Coffee for Caffeine

I enjoy a cup of coffee every morning, partially as a habit. But also for the morning caffeine boost. For that purpose, I honestly still go with my french press. Even though the Cometeer coffee is more convenient, I'm usually multi-tasking in the morning in the kitchen and it doesn't take that much time to throw together a cup of coffee from the french press. Instead, for this high quality coffee, I choose to enjoy it after dinner.

Coffee Preparation

At home, I currently have a french press in the kitchen and a Nespresso machine in my small home office. I'm now adding a choice of Cometeer. Preparation of Cometeer is simple. Just add 6-8 oz of hot water to a cup with your Cometeer pod and stir. No equipment needed.

French Press vs Cometeer: Overall, the french press requires additional preparation time of waiting for the coffee beans and water to steep. Afterwards, the french press also needs to be washed and dried. I also need to pre-plan (no big deal) a trip to my families home to run coffee beans through the burr grinder, which I get around to every couple of weeks. But both the french press and Cometeer require me to boil water.

Nespresso vs Cometeer: The comparison is slightly different, as the Nespresso machine makes a much smaller expresso. But the Nespresso wins hands down in speed. With a simple click of a button, a piping hot cup of expresso is ready in less than a minute. Depending on the pods purchased and you personal coffee taste preference, it's also very good.

Coffee for Enjoyment

Comparing the french press, Nespresso, and Cometeer, I the taste of Cometeer comes out the smoothest. It's a enjoyable cup of coffee to slow sip and relax without the trouble of leaving the house. That being said, it's probably also the most expensive at home option for preparing coffee.

Try Cometeer (get $25 off your first order) - At a list price of $64 for 32 pods ($2 per pod), you'll get a cup of coffee for at ~$1.20 per cup of coffee!

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