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For almonst half a year, I've been receiving deliveries of organic fruits and vegetables straight from the local farms in California. The CSA, or community supported agriculture, company that I go with is "Farm Fresh to You". My understanding is they own local organic farms, and also source from other local farms, to deliver a box of organic produce. They have various sizes of boxes and items can be interchanged. An example of a Fall box of a small mixed box ($25/shipment) that I just received is:

  1. 1 lb Red Grapes
  2. 6 ct Flavor Fall Plums
  3. 3 ct Bartlett Pears
  4. 1 ct Assorted Lettuce
  5. 1 lb Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes
  6. 0.5 lb Gypsy Peppers
  7. 1 ct Sweet Baby Broccoli

The plan for this shipment of organic fruits and vegetables is to eat the fruit raw (grapes, plums, and pear) by itself as a snack. The lettuce and tomato will be prepared together into a salad. Finally, the peppers and broccoli will be cooked over the stove an eatten for dinner. Best of all, all the ingredients are organic.

What I like about Organic Delivery Service:

  1. I don't have to make a trip to the grocery store or farmers market to buy the items myself.
  2. The items are fresh pick from a local farm (not picked hundred of miles away before it's fully ripe). Though it's kind of gross, it's not uncommon to find live worms in the box of goods.
  3. A good feeling about supporting the local economy.

What I dislike about Organic Delivery Service:

  1. The items are fresh, but also spoil easily (often times within a week if not refrigerated).
  2. There isn't any notification on when the box is dropped off. Unfortunately, the box of produces has sometimes sat on the front porch for who knows how long with much of the produce rotting. A nice feature would be to send an opt-in email or text message the night before a delivery.

In addition to the food deliveries, they also hold events at the farm. Some require an entrance fee, but others are completely free. Though I haven't visited, I think that's the perfect way to re-connect us to where our food comes from and how it is grown to produced.

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