Microsoft Arc Keyboard Review

Microsoft Arc Keyboard
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When I first heard that using a keyboard for extended periods of time is unhealthy ergonomically, I vowed to find ways to improve my posture. If you haven't already heard, the downside of using laptops is two-fold. First, the arms and wrist are forced into an unnatural position to accommodate the cramped keyboard. Secondly, the built-in laptop monitor is positioned too low, forcing my neck and face downward. The optimum position for the monitor is for your eyes to look straight ahead, and be staring at the top of the monitor screen. With that, I decided to try out the Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard.

With a wireless keyboard, I figured I could solve the monitor problem by both propping my laptop up so the laptop is positioned higher up. Additionally, with the wireless keyboard, my arms can be more out-stretched, to improve the overall ergonomic position.

What I like about the Microsft Arc Keyboard:

  1. The Microsoft Arc has chicklets keys, with is both esthetically pleasing and easier to type. I prefer these because the keys are lower and requires a shorter key press.
  2. The keyboard has a slight arc (hence the name Microsoft Arc) to aid with the ergonomics by reducing the amount angle twist on the wrist.
  3. The Ctrl key is on the bottom left. Some keyboards have a function button on the bottom left, which I am unaccustomed to since I use a PC with Windows.
  4. I like that there are dedicated volume up, volume down, and mute buttons. In a world of streaming video from various sites, the ability to easily adjust the volume is a godsend.
  5. Keyboard is small in size, which makes it easy to pack while traveling.
  6. It's wireless, so there is less wire to clutter by desk.

What I dislike about the Microsoft Arc Keyboard:

  1. As a programmer, having easy access to the F1 thru F12 keys is important, when using Visual Studio. Unfortunately, keys F7 thru F12 require first pressing the function key, which is not optimal.
  2. Thought the arch helps, its not enough given the keys are compact and the keyboard is generally small.

After about using this keyboard for a few months, I've found that it does help, but not sufficiently. Though there are many pros, the one con was a major one. Since I spend a lot of my time on the computer programming, having easy access to F1 thru F12 becomes an important feature. Since the Microsoft Arc requires me to use the function button, this became a deal breaker. I will continue to search for an ergonomic keyboard that best fits my personal needs.

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