Mat Franco Magic in Las Vegas is Worth It (Tricks Performed)

Mat Franco Linq Hotel in Las Vegas
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Since seeing Mat Franco magic wine bottle trick on America's Got Talent, I've been fascinated by the journey to becoming famous. I spent hours watching all his content on YouTube. So when we were both visiting Las Vegas and there were Mat Franco tickets, I was happen our group was open for the show called "Magic Reinvented Nightly by Mat Franco".

One our most recent trip to Las Vegas, we finally had the chance to pre-book tickets to see Mat Franco's Las Vegas show live. His show in Las Vegas features:

  • a lot of the same magic performed on America's Got Talent.
  • some new acts that entertaining and amazing
  • comedy... makes his magic show more humorous
  • many clips of his childhood and how he became a magician
  • He is the only magician, no dealing with openers

The best seats are located front and center to the stage, as that is where a majority of his tricks are performed. When close up magic is required, there is a screen located above where you can see closely, but then this does kind of defeat the purpose of a live magic performance. I learned from experience the first time I ever saw live magic in Manhattan, New York via discounted magic tickets. At the time, we didn't know our seats would be located at the back of a theater that was narrow, but long. I could barely see anything. This time, we purchased seats in the front, but it was off to the side. Since magic is mostly a one person show, most of the magic still happens front and center. If you can swing those tickets, I'd suggest that for the best experience.

Like most magic, lots of user participation is required. For our show in particular, the audience members were quirky funny, being from all around the world. Some of the funniest parts of the comedic abilities of Mat Franco when dealing with various cultures. And even better, every part of the show connects together, which makes for a memorable experience. I get the feeling that his show is always evolving, but here are some of the examples of actual Mat Franco tricks I saw, in no particular order (not sure of the official names either):

  • Wine Bottle Trick
  • Card Moving Through the Air
  • Tell a Story with the Cards
  • Card Shuffler Canon
  • A solo act of making card appear and disappear
  • Handkerchief to Egg
  • Audience Cell Phone Appears Elsewhere
  • Guessing Random Card with Fire Whiteboard

All in all, being the second magic show I've experienced live, I find them always entertaining and have a huge smile on my face throughout the entire show. I highly recommend watching his show, which is located at the Linq Casino (across from Cesears Palace).

There were also many kids at the show I went, and they seemed to enjoy it. Some of the kids got to up to the stage to be part of the magic during the Mat Franco show.

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