Logitech MX Master Review

Logitech MX Master mouse
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I finally replaced my old mouse with the Logitech MX Master this year for Christmas and I'm already loving it. I've always been a Logitech mouse fan ever since their superb customer service in replacing a broken nano receiver back in 2011. Although, with the introduction of many cheap mouses (likely China brands), I did consider purchasing a $20 mouse.

According the specifications, this mouse can get 40 days of use on a single charge and be used simultaneously while being charged. It can be used across 3 different computers, as there's a memory button the bottom of the mouse to avoid having to re-connect each time.

Here's what I liked:

  • Fast Bluetooth Setup - On Windows 10, setting up the mouse took less than a couple of minutes. Just navigate to the Bluetooth device and click "Add Bluetooth or other device". Drivers and setup was automatic. Afterwards, I'm prompted with installing additional Logitech software for advanced configuration, which I declined.
  • Darkfield - Mainly that it works on glass surfaces such as my $200 Tresanti height-adjustable table from Costco.
  • No Battery Management - No more replacing or dealing with rechargeable AA or AAA batteries. Instead, the mouse comes with a proprietary battery that is charged by a standard microUSB charging cable.
  • Comfortably Shaped - Large and curved to better contour my hand for extended use.
  • Light - I think the battery must be lithium, as the mouse is much lighter than most other mouses that I've used.

Here's what I think can be improved:

  • Even though I use this device with Bluetooth, there isn't a storage spot for the USB nano-receiver. If I'm going somewhere else, I may need the USB nano-receiver, but I'm almost certainly going to misplace the receiver if not stored with the mouse.

Other notes from other users:

  • Helps with carpal tunnel
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues may be linked with Windows disabling bluetooth to save power.
  • Good replacement option of Logitech MX Performance.
  • Amazon has over 22,000+ reviews and is rated at 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Some more history into why I trust the Logitech brand to stand behind their products. Back around 2010, I was using a Logitech V550 Nano in college. Long story short, the nano receiver had some issues and due to the constant moving between classes, the nano receiver came apart. I contacted their support and they helped set me up with a replacement without any fees or trouble. Since then, I've gone through several more Logitech mouses both at home and at work (Logitech MX Performance).

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