Improved Theme Hospital Game For Android

An Android game that re-invents the Theme Hospital game (PC) from 1997.
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Theme Hospital was an oddly addicting PC game developed around simulating a hospital. Designed with humorous conditions and had cartoonish feel, it consumed many hours of my life when I gave the demo a spin on PC Gamer magazine. Given the Theme Hospital game was developed and released for PC in 1997, it's only right that the game be reinvisioned on a more modern platform.

CorsixTH for Android was a free port of the game that maintained the same spirit of the original game with very little changes, including the 90's pixelated graphics. Reviews have stated the touch controls are challenging, though the game does get a fairly respectable 4 stars. But I prefer the more modernized Fun Hospital.

But the more improved Theme Hospital game is called Fun Hospital. Though it isn't an exact copy of the game, it has a very familiar feel to the 1990's Theme Hospital. Note that even though Fun Hospital is free, there are many opportunities for in-game purchases that will speed up the game. Now, on to my breakdown of Fun Hospital vs Theme Hospital:

  • One difference is Theme Hospital allows you to customize each room. Fun Hospital has it's own rooms which come with only one furniture layout. Your only option is to choose what side of the room the door goes. Decorating with wallpaper is an in-app purchase.
  • Both games have humorous ailments that need healing.
  • Fun Hospital is one map that you play forever. Theme Hospital has different levels, which result in re-building from scratch.
  • Both have "Emergency" missions, though the ones in Fun Hospital are started by you where the Theme Hospital emergencies just happen.
  • Fun Hospital has the same roles to hire including Doctor, Nurse, and Cleaner (Handyman in Theme Hospital), but is missing the Repairman and Receptionist. Apparently, the hospital machines never break down in Fun Hospital. That's one less thing to worry about (there are also no earthquakes in Fun Hospital).
  • Fun Hospital has the same goofy throw up and trash on the ground, which the Cleaner can deal with.
  • Fun Hospital (by default) can run when the app is not running, though at a less efficient speed. Turn off the Theme Hospital and nothing happens until the game is restarted.
  • The roles (Doctor, Nurse, Cleaner) can be upgraded as they get more experience. They can also be equipped with items to impove their stats. These can all be purchased with in-app purchases.

Though the game is very similar to, its not identical. Some parts of Fun Hospital I don't like is the tons of waiting required to reach the next level. Sometimes, there is literally nothing I need to do in the game except wait for an upgraded level. I just try and keep the screen on. If you don't want to wait, try leaving your screen on using the Developer Options in Android.

Another feature of the game I don't understand is the limited number of patients that will visit your hospital a day. You can use the in-game currency to advertise your hotel, but why should that even be necessary?

Fun Hospital makes an effort to get you to link your Facebook account, but I don't see why that would be necessary. The only advantage to linking your Facebook account in Fun Hospital is to share screenshots and accomplishments and to visit and like your friends hospitals (assuming they're playing).

All in all, if you are a Theme Hospital fan, you should definitely give Fun Hospital a shot!

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