Hand Pulled Noodles at Yi Yuan in Millbrae

The decor inside of Yi Yuan in Millbrae, CA.
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Yi Yuan is a restaurant I recently dined at in Millbrae. They serve Sichuan cuisine which I can enjoy, but only when served mild. Some of that style food can be very spicy! We ordered a variety of food to share with the table including noodle soup, Chinese wrap, and a fish.

The most unique dish was the hand pulled noodle. I have ordered the dish before, but never seen how they stretch, pull, divide, and cut the noodles. It’s actual quite amazing that Yi Yuan can hand pull the noodle on-demand when the dish is ordered. The restaurant owner even invited us to watch the chef through a window as he prepared the dough. The process is time consuming, but really quite impressive. The whole process takes about 5 minutes for one bowl worth of soup.

The advantage to ordering hand pulled noodles are they are completely fresh. It's a different experience from dried noodles commonly eatten at home. Hand pulled noodles are very light and airy, which is advantageous for letting the soup “marinate” into the noodles.


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