Folding Bamboo Hamper (Easy to Use)

Folding Bamboo Hamper to replace a generic plastic basket.
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My wife and I have recently decided to replace our old plastic basket (we use for dirty laundry) to something new that would be both functional and appropriate for our bathroom. Since I had remaining credit on Wayfair, we decided to look on Wayfair for a new hamper that would better fit our needs. What we found and ended up ordering was the Folding Bamboo Hamper by Creative Bath.

The current basket we use it round and for that reason doesn't fit well anywhere in the bathroom. Additionally, because it is just a basket, the edges were open air and there wasn't a cover. So even though we do the laundry once a week, the smell would sometimes be unpleasant (especially with sweaty gym clothes).

So what led us to the Folding Bamboo Hamper was the design. It had a nice natural wood look. But more importantly, it was a square shape that fit better in our bathroom. Best of all, it had a cover which was lightweight, so easy to open. It did end up costing around $29.50, which is more expensive than a simple plastic basket, but I agreed that based on the pictures, it was much better looking.

After delivery from Wayfair, setup was very easy. There is a simple plastic wire system that held the structure of the hamper together. And that was it in terms of assembly. After reading the instructions, it took at most 5 minutes. And yes, this Folding Bamboo Hamper was extremely lightweight. What I did not realize (but makes perfect sense) is that inside the bamboo hamper was a simple cloth laundry bag that ties in and can be easily removed (so you don't have the carry the whole hamper to the washer and dryer). This makes the process of doing the laundry much easier, and we don't have to worry about clothes falling out of the basket during "transport". All in all, the hamper won't hold up if you put anything other than clothes in it, but it looked great and I expect to get years of usage out of it.

After purchasing and using the Folding Bamboo Hamper, I began to notice additional hampers at Bed Bath and Beyond and World Market. They were selling for around $25 and were made of woven strands of wood. They were substantially heavier and I could imagine the strands of wood splintering off. This further reinforced the fact we purchased the right new hamper.

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