Foam Mattress vs Traditional Spring Mattress

The traditional sprint mattress
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We were forced to temporarily vacate our master bedroom into a spare bedroom due to a water leak from a recent storm. The master bedroom had our new Foam mattress from Tuft and Needle and we moved the traditional spring mattress with the mattress foam topper into one of our spare bedroom.

So for over two weeks, I've been using the spring mattress with a foam topper until the leak in the master bedroom is dried and replaced. Approximately during the first week, everything was going fine. But it only took a week and a half before many of my lower back and shoulder/neck pains that prompted the purchased the Tuft and Needle mattress came back.

Here are some of my takeaways of returning back to a traditional spring mattress from a Tuft and Needle mattress:

  • The Tuft and Needle mattress resolved all my back pains. And the spring mattress is bringing all the pain back!
  • The foam topper on the spring mattress is much softer. I find it easier to fall asleep when compared to the Tuft and Needle mattress.
  • Surprisingly, rolling out of bed in the mornings on the spring mattress is much more difficult. this makes me believe the spring mattress is subconsciously more comfortable than Tuft and Needle.

That being said, regardless of the sound comfort benefits, the back and neck pains are bothersome to me throughout the day. So much that I am very much looking forward to fully repairing the leak so I can return to my Tuft and Needle mattress. In fact, if I (or friends or family) ever had to stay an extended time on spring mattress, I would want to purchase another Tuft and Needle mattress for the spare bedroom.

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