Floss Picks vs Traditional Floss

Floss Pick, the new alternative to traditional floss.
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I'll be the first to admit, I have never been good at consistently flossing. I've tried many strategies to improve how well I floss, but nothing has ever worked. Each time I went in for a dental checkup, my dentist always advised me to floss more. And I would do well for a week until my old habits kicked in. But now, I've discovered floss picks to help make flossing a more consistent habit. And after using the floss pick for the first time, I found it makes the process of flossing much easier and actually more effective cleaning

With traditional floss, i found it easiest to wrap and end around one finger on each of my hands for the flossing process. Using the floss pick is easier than traditional floss because the floss pick is designed so no part of your hand needs to go into your mouth while flossing. The floss pick can be completely handled via a small plastic handle. The handle makes it easier to both provide pressure against the tooth and provide vertical and horizontal motion.

Since the floss pick makes it easier to apply pressure and provide greater flexibility for motion, it permits the floss pick to wrap around teeth and more easily reach hard to get to corners between the tooth and gums. This flexibility might be the best part of the picks because it makes it a more effective cleaning tool when compared to standard floss.

One negative aspect about floss picks when compared to traditional floss is that it does come at a higher cost. The floss picks are more expensive due to the fact that each floss pick is more plastic than floss. However, when it comes to health, I believe that paying a bit extra to make flossing more compliant is worth the extra money.

An improvement to the floss pick that is blatantly obvious is a reusable floss pick where I buy one plastic handle that allows me to attach my own bit of traditional floss. With a resusable floss pick, I won't feel like I'm wasting a whole lot of plastic handles each night.

If you have second thoughts, it may be worth checking out this YouTube video on how to floss with floss picks. The video will show you how easy it is to floss. There are many brands of floss picksAnd buying a small pack of 30 floss picks should only cost a couple of bucks, so it is affordable to trial.

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