Easiest Way to Save Money Shopping Online

Save money online shopping with Ebates.
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The best part about shopping online is the great bargains that can be found by comparison shopping. It takes a couple of minutes to check the price against the major online retailers, but can often lead to savings. More often than not, the best online shopping site Amazon does not have the cheapest prices (...what they do have is great customer service and product reviews). That being said, I've found cheaper prices for many products at brick and mortar Costco, online with Overstock, Sears, and Jet for the exact same products!

A quick easy to use tool for searching online the best price is Google Shopping. With this tool, you're not actually buying through Google. Instead, Google has done the hard work behind the scenes to find you the price at various retailers, both locally and online. And if the cheapest product is online, they link you right to the online site for easy purchasing.

But, Before you Buy...

Consider purchasing from Ebates. I use to use FatWallet for all my shopping needs, but they have since merged with Ebates to offer a "better" experience. What I've found is that the service at EBates really is better. They have much better automated email notification, better tracking of visits to vendors. For first-timers:

  • You still purchase your product online the same way, except you click a link through Ebates to associate your purchase with your account so Ebates can reward you (and Ebates will also get part of the cut).
  • Disable any Adblocks running when you make your purchase to ensure proper tracking

An example is my recent purchase of a $60 Craftsman Reciprocating Saw. I could have purchased on Amazon, in-store at Sears for around the same price. But since I bought it online (a purchase I was going to make regardless), I saved $1 with this small purchase. I chose free shipping, though I could have selected in-store pickup. 

Now imagine a larger purchase, such as a $1000 TV. Ebates offers unlimited savings.


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