Comparing Features of Android Oreo to iOS 11

Nexus 6P vs iPhone 5S: Comparing the features of operating systems
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Ever since my Google Nexus 6P bootlooped, I've been temporarily using an old iPhone 5s. Aside from the obvious differences such as the much smaller and less sensitive screen and slow fingerprint sensor, which I understand because those are hardware limitations, here are some of the software differences between Android Oreo and iOS 11 that drive me absolutely crazy. Hopefully I can decide between the Google Pixel 2 or the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s.

Where Android is Better than iOS

  1. Toggling Wifi and Bluetooth
    The #1 thing I dislike the most is "disabling" WiFi or Bluetooth from the Control Center only disables until the next day. Often times, I don't want to be connected to WiFi at work, because I don't want to be tracked. But with iOS, the only way is to go to the settings app to turn off WiFi,
  2. Built-In Alarm App
    One feature in Android that I find very helpful that's missing in iOS is the ability to cancel an alarm before it goes off. Often times, I find myself waking up 10-15 minutes before my reoccurring alarm. By the time the alarm goes off, I'm simultaneously walking the dog and fumbling to turn off the alarm.
  3. 3rd Party Keyboard
    As an avid Google user, I also use Gboard on iOS 11. But for whatever reason, the iPhone has intermittent problems loading up the keyboard. From time to time, it reverts back to the default Apple keyboard, which is far less functional.
  4. Automation
    I can't find an app similar to Tasker to create custom automation. Even simple automation like toggling wifi, bluetooth, and/or sounds based on connections can't be done. Over the years with Android, I've gotten spoiled with automatically turning the phone to silent mode when I get to the office. Also important is turning down the brightness at night until morning.
  5. Swap Siri for Google Assistant
    No way to get iOS to listen for "Ok Google" instead of "Hey Siri". Since most of my data is already with Google, it just makes sense to use Google Assistant, which doesn't seem possible on an Apple iOS device.

At the end of all this, I do have to note how surprised I was at the performance of such an old iPhone 5s that was released in 2013. Most modern apps (I didn't try games) worked just fine. So far, all of my Android phones have had some software issue or the hardware doesn't hold up. Now for what I did like!

Where iOS is Better than Android

  1. Fingerprint Scanner Up Front
    I don't recall how many times the phone was sitting on the desk and I could easily unlock the phone without having to pick it up. That's much more convenient with a smaller chance that I might fumble the phone while picking it up.
  2. Pin Input Doesn't Require Enter
    For the times the fingerprint scanner was driving me crazy, I like how I don't have to click the enter button like I do on Vanilla Android. Even if it is a security issue, I hope Android someday makes it an option.
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