Claim Cash with Receipt App: Receipt Hog

Scan your receipts on your smartphone and earn cash or Amazon gift cards!
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There are many different opportunities to earn cash using free smartphone apps. Many popular methods include money or credits for taking surveys, installing other apps, or watching videos advertisements. Now there is a receipt app options that with pay you to scan qualifying shopping receipts from grocery stores, convenience stores, club stores, liquor store, pet supply stores, toy stores, and many others. And one of the most popular options is Receipt Hog (available on both Android and iOS).

How to use Receipt Hog?

The process is simple. After your trip to the grocery store, use the free Receipt Hog app and your smartphone's camera to "scan you receipt". That's it!

  • No breaking down the total shopping bill
  • No specifying the shopping date
  • No typing in the store name

The Receipt Hog app electronically scans your receipt, processing the information, and credits your account with coins. Their intuitive interface makes it easy to scan long receipts too! You are awarded coin based on the total receipt bill.

Your coins can be redeemed for either Cash via PayPal or Gift Cards. 1000 coins for $5. Or Save your coins, redeem 4500 coins for $30.

Is Receipt Hog Safe?

Since shopping receipt can contain some sensitive information, Receipt Hog allows crossing out line items on your receipt you don't want to share. Any information they gather from you is aggregated into a larger set so your personal information is never at risk. And because your receipt only shows the last 4 digits of your credit or debit card, your financial information is also safe.

Earning Faster with Receipt Hog

If you want to earn Receipt Hog coins even faster, consider the following ways to make more money:

  1. Scan all your receipts, but also scan receipts from those in your household.
  2. If you happen to have more than 20 receipts in any 7 day rolling period, stop and wait until you qualify to scan another receipt. You have 2 weeks from the date on the receipt to submit to Receipt Hog.
  3. Avoid paying in a manner that doesn't provide a receipt. Unfortunately, there's no way to get coins from purchases made online or via Android Pay and Apple Pay.

What I Wish For?

Like any app, there are always new features I wish for that would improve my experience. Not in any particular order:

  • Ability to scan any receipt and get credited with coins. Spins are nice, but I barely ever win anything.
  • Gamify, so I can compete with others on most receipts scanned to win prizes (coins or spins).

So stop throwing away your receipt... download the free Receipt Hog on Android or iOS and start earning Receipt Hog coins!

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