Cheap & Safe Way to Clean Out-of-Reach Spider Webs

Duster for reaching difficult to reach corners.
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Trying to clean spider webs out of the corner of the ceiling is a task almost everybody has to deal with. Depending on the location, it can easy, but more often than not, it's a very annoying problem. But for a low price, you can purchase a duster with an extendable pole that will make cleaning spider webs a safer experience. No more unnecessary risk standing on wobbly chairs to reach cobwebs.

I finally ended up buying a duster to meet my spider web killing needs at home. I ended up getting the Eurow Electrostatic Duster with 3 sections extension pole mainly to combination of low price and very good usability. The extension pole is not only extendable, but can be completely unscrewed and detached if I only need to use the duster for close to reach areas. When the Eurow Duster arrived, the first thing I noticed was that the extension poles have a cheap feeling. But at the end of the day, they screw together, extend easily, and was able to clean all the areas of my home in a very short order of time without needing to stand on chairs.

Examples of Extendable Duster Usage

  • Spider webs in the corner ceiling of an office that only has a swivel chair with wheels
    More often than not, we left the spider webs in the corner because standing on chair with wheels and swivels is irresponsible. Sometimes, if we had access to a short stool, I could clean the spider webs out with a Kleenex. With an extendable duster, cleaning becomes an easy task.
  • Spider webs located in the corner ceiling above floor speakers in a living room
    In this difficult to reach situation, there isn't enough space to position a chair or step stool under the area because it is already occupied by a small table, floor speakers, or the area above a refrigerator. In this case, having an extendable duster is the perfect solution.

Best of all with an extendable duster, no more standing on chairs. No more moving furniture. No more spider webs.


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