Best Sit Stand Desk Less Than $600 (VertDesk3 vs Uplift 2 vs Jarvis)

Sit stand desk choices: VertDesk, Uplift 2, Jarvis.
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I currently have a Tresanti electronic sit stand desk purchased from Costco when it was only $200 on sale. For that price, this electric powered desk is fairly solid. It has a nice glass top with 4 memory controls built right into the glass. There's also a small metal drawer built into the front. After a few years of use, there are a few features:

  • A vesa monitor mount would have trouble clamping onto the glass table top plus 2.5" metal frame
  • The bottom horizontal support bar adds to stability when fully raised, but the position also impedes where my feet naturally rest.
  • The permanent metal drawer prevents me from adding a keyboard tray to improve ergonomics.
  • The table top surface at table's lowest position is 29.75", which is a bit high for me which is bad for ergonomics.

So I'm on the lookout for a new electronically adjustable sit stand desk. I'm comparing between three popular brands: VertDesk3, Uplift 2, and Jarvis. The tables are come with many customization and accessory upgrades. By default, I'm looking for the best sit stand desk and came across these three brands.


  • Lowest position is 25"
  • 275lb weight capacity
  • Higher quality components controlling the sit/stand position.
  • Has the least amount of wobble at highest stand position
  • Only have laminate tabletops, which may be concern for peeling. Though there is a 10 year warranty on the top.
  • Tabletops are 0.8" thick, but there is a U-bar under to improve rigidity.
  • They don't sell cut out table tops
  • VertDesk 3 has been tested successfully cycling (one cycle is up and then down) 20,000 times.
  • Assembled in the USA.

Uplift 2

  • Lowest position is 22", which for me is ideal at sitting position
  • Lighter aluminum frame
  • 355lb weight capacity
  • Traditional vs Commerical (more stability) frame options
  • Very user friendly website that visually show the applied customizations. Updates are much easier too.
  • Have a wide variety of table tops including solid woods, though you'll pay for more expensive materials.
  • 1" thick bamboo top and other higher quality table top materials
  • Frame and electronics made in China (by JieCang)
  • Possibly over lubricated gears, which may end up on the outside of the legs.


  • Highly rated by many sites and publications.
  • Heavier steel legs
  • 350lb weight capacity
  • Super short to max 50"
  • Table is wobbly when at raised to the highest level
  • Very user friendly website with visual customizations.
  • Frame and electronics made in China (by JieCang)
  • Possibly over lubricated gears, which may end up on the outside of the legs.

Features for VertDesk3 or Uplift 2 or Jarvis

Every one of these sit/stand desks come with a ton of various customization options. My one tidbit of advice is to focus on the sit/stand desk upgrades that are directly related to the table. Don't get up-sold to purchase unnecessary upgrades. Start by focusing on the following desk features:

  • Sit Stand Controls: If you want memory on the positions, you'll have to make that decision at time of purchase.
  • Grommet Holes: It would be more difficult to drill grommets after installation. So If you value cable organization, choose the location of grommets.
  • Table Top Material: Find one that is less likely to crack or scratch. In the long term, if your desk frame lasts, you can always purchase a new table top.
  • Curved Table: Do you want one with a small curved cutout?
  • Table Dimensions: You could save money by purchasing a smaller table, but what happens when you need a larger desk?
  • Rounded Corners: Rounded corners feel safer than the sharper 90 degree corners.

I suggest features that can upgraded later should be purchased separately. An upside is there are many other options available with a more features and reviews to consider.

  • Keyboard Tray: Most keyboard trays will work. You'll want to make sure the tray will fit under the desk. Different keyboard trays also have varying amount of motion, so you can pick one that fit your needs. I find the 3M Keyboard Tray, has a wide range of motion, is stable,
  • Monitor Mount: This one has more to consider. How many screens do you want? What size and weight of each screen? For one monitor that supports a large 32", I like EVEO Premium Mount.
  • Under Table Cable Management Tray/Box: If the sit/stand desk has grommets, having a cable management tray/box can help organize the cables so they don't hang all over the place. Some of these are screwed in, making it more secure. Others are connected by double sided tape. I prefer to get a tray secured by screws, such as Oeveo Cable Management Tray (metal, screwed in, large and spacious).
  • Grommet Power Outlet: This is a nice to have feature. To be able to access power outlets and USB slots right from the table top. But these are easily purchased later. Just make sure they'll fit later. Note that I find these to be fairly expensive, ~$30 each, so I only purchase what I need, if at all. I liked this Power Grommet.


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