Best Night Light For Around The House

A wall plug in night light.
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  • Have you ever gotten up in the middle of the night to find yourself stumbling through the darkness for the bathroom?
  • Have you ever almost tripped due to toys from your kids or pets on the floor?

In every situation, you always have the option to hire and electrician to install light sensor switches (or DIY if you're confident). However, a very cost effective way everybody is capable of is purchasing a night light. And even better, there are so many styles of night lights available for purchase in-store or online. So before you buy, read this guide to learn what is available and best suited for various situations.

The Traditional Plug In Night Light

This is the night light I remember my parents owning back when I was a kid. These night lights: 

  • plug directly into power outlets on the wall
  • have a replaceable incandescent light bulb
  • basic sensor that detects light from dark
  • stays on all night

By 2016 standards, these night lights are dinosaurs! Newer night lights are LED, which are both more power efficient (compared to incandescent lights) and have a longer life. If would certainly not purchase a new incandescent style night light, given other available styles. However, I would continue using the traditional plug in night lights until I'm out of replacement bulbs.

LED Plug In Night Light

Around 2013, I made a rushed purchase for night lights for my home from my local hardware store without doing research. I ended up purchasing a pack of plug in Plug In LED night lights.

  • LED light bulbs are more efficient than incandescent lights
  • LED light bulb is not replaceable
  • Plugs into the power outlet on the wall
  • light and dark light sensor (on all night)

They worked well, were sufficiently bright, and never died on me for the few years I owned them. They're perfect for most places around the house, but are limited to places with an outlet. High traffic areas of the house light bathrooms and hallways are most suitable for LED night lights. Unfortunately, I have places in my home that commonly need light, but don't have a nearby power outlet.

Battery Powered Motion Sensing LED Night Light

In my older home, there aren't as many power outlets. And unfortunately, there are the few places around the house that could use a night light for both convenience and safety.

  • Right off the door connecting the living space to the garage is two steps followed by a landing space. It is often times dark due to a lack of sunlight and dangerous because of shoes and sandals.
  • Stair case from first to second floor. The steps are rather steep and tripping on a tennis ball left behind by my dog can't end well.
  • Right near the bed. At night, I don't like lighting up the whole room in the middle night for a trek to the bathroom. A night light on all night is also distracting. But a temporary light is perfect.

The advantage of the battery powered LED night light is it can go anywhere. Because the night light is motion sensing, the LED night light doesn't stay on when nobody is around. And that makes this motion sensing night light the perfect scenario for the less traveled areas of the house that still need lights.

The choice of night light depends on your situation. I'm a huge fan of the LED night lights, whether its a plug in or battery powered. Let me know if you have other situations or questions on other types of night lights.

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