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News Bento is an app available on the Windows 8 operating system.
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As I previously wrote, I am extremely disappointed with the Windows 8 App Store. The poor user interface in Windows 8 (but improved in Windows 8.1) means trouble finding quality apps. To make it even worse, the number of quality apps in the Windows 8 app store is lacking, with many apps being overloaded with ads or poorly rated by users. That has led to my Windows 8 Metro (start) screen lacking any meaningful apps. Lucky for Microsoft, there do exist a few good apps.

News Bento is a my favorite news aggregating app for Windows 8 with a fluid and friendly touch user interface. With over 100 article sources spread over major categories (News, Business, Tech, Photo&Design, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Food). Similar news aggregation sites, you can add completely custom feeds making this application the perfect Google Reader alternative. From your personalized news sources, the top articles selected to automatically display over the Metro live tile icon for quick access.

The touch screen interface's buttons are large and easy to access. When reading articles on my Acer Aspire S7-392, the text is large and easy to ready, and advancing to the next page is easy as a finger swipe. Images are large and beautifully displayed. There are plenty of built in feeds. In fact, I mostly disable most of them. The ability to add any news source's RSS feed is standard these days, but it works well. Overall, it's a great way to briefly scan through the news, and delve deeper into the most interesting articles.

The one big problem I found with News Bento is that videos won't play natively in the News Bento Windows 8 app. News Bento's workaround was to provide a Globe icon that will redirect (leaving the News Bento site) to the webpage in your default web browser.

From other News Bento reviews I've read online, others have found:

  1. News Bento is better than NextGen Reader, which I have not tried.
  2. News Bento is worse than Flipboard. I use Flipboard on my Android and don't like the fact I need to create an account with Flipboard to like things.
  3. News Bento cannot play videos.
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