Android Phone Buzzes in Car While Charging And Listening to Music

PAC SNI-1/3.5 3.5-mm Ground Loop Noise Isolator Works
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One of the most annoying things I've experience in my car with my Android phone is the buzzing sound from my car speakers when I simultaneously charge and listen to music or podcasts. The buzzing is loud enough to either ruin the listening experience or even completely drown out the audio.

Researching online for a solution to the problem, I found and tried many solutions from . Some improved the problem, but none of them solved the problem, except the last solution:

  1. Purchase a higher quality 3.5mm audio cable. The theory behind this solution is the wires inside cheap audio cables are thinner and have a great chance of breaking. This problem can be exacerbated if the wires are bent or kinked. Many people suggested purchasing nylon woven audio cables to prevent bent cables. Because I found short nylon woven cables (perfect for inside my car) for only a few dollars shipped from China via EBay, I was excited and hopeful. To my disappointment, the new 3.5mm audio cable did not reduce the buzzing at all.
  2. The next tip I found included purchasing a better charger. The theory behind this is the quality of power coming from cheap chargers might be inconsistent. Since I had already purchased a highly rated fast-charging car charger, I didn't feel justified to purchase another one. That being said, I did notice that with the problem was more apparent in the fast-charging charger when compared to a standard charger.
  3. Finally, I found a single reference to a Ground Loop Noise Isolator. Having no idea what this was, but hearing positive outcomes from those using it, the $10 cost for this PAC SNI-1/3.5mm Ground Loop Noise Isolator was worth a try. Given that there is a area to hide this thing in my Toyota Camry, it was easy for me to keep out of view. Turns out this was the perfect solution!

The Ground Loop Noise Isolator worked perfectly to get rid of all the buzzing noises from my Android phone in my car. I'm not an expert on the reason for this, but this is a good source for an explanation on Ground Loop Issues.

Many reviews state that the volume will be affected, but I did not notice much. What I do notice is there is short one second buzzing right when the car is started or the audio device is plugged in. Other than that, this is a new addition I will keep in my car all the time. I can listen to my podcasts and Spotify again without the annoying buzzing noise.

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