A Simple 3-in-1 Glass Infusion Pitcher

3-in-1 Infusion Pitcher made of glass.
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I got the idea of buying a separate pitcher since I purchased my Zero Water Pitcher to purify my city's tap water. Though The Zero Water Pitcher works well, the pitcher itself is plastic. I prefer a pitcher of glass to avoid any complications with chemicals leeching out of the plastic. So I began the hunt for a simple, but useful pitcher. My plan is to leave the Zero Water Pitcher in the kitchen 24/7, but to get a separate pitcher to keep a supply of water in my study.

What I am looking for in a pitcher:

  1. A pitcher made of glass.
  2. A pitcher large enough for at least 3 tall glasses of water.
  3. A pitcher with a secure lid to prevent dust or other debris from contaminating the water.
  4. A pitcher with a loud mouth for easy cleaning.

After shopping around, I decided to purchase the 3-in-1 Infusion Pitcher. Not only does it cover all of my criteria, it goes above and beyond and offer valuable features. The three types of infusers that come with it are infusers to hold ice, infusers to hold fruit, and infusers to hold loose tea. It holds a fair amount of water that is generally more than enough for an evening of hydration.

What to Know About the 3-in-1 Infusion Pitcher:

  1. The main body of the pitcher is made of glass. The lid and handle are plastic. The handles are wrapped in a mildly rubber to help with the grip.
  2. The lid screws onto the glass body of the pitcher. The infusers (which are also plastic) screw onto the lid.
  3. To pour the water, I unscrew the lid to the open position. The closed position will completely prevent any water from leaking out.
  4. The mouth of the pitcher is large enough to quickly pour in lots of water.

Because of infusers are made of plastic, I avoid using those on a day to day basis. Sometimes, when I have leftover fruit, I'll add it to the fruit infuser to give the water a bit of extra flavor. But 95% of the time, I fill the 3-in-1 with Zero Water.

In general, the pitcher looks nice, but the handle feels cheapish. I therefore do not plan to use this pitcher for parties. Instead I think the 3-in-1 Infusion Pitcher is good for private usage. The handles are slightly rubbery, which makes carrying the pitcher upstairs comfortable. Unless the pitcher is abused, I don't se any parts of this pitcher breaking.

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