$400 Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer?!

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No one really needs a $400 hair dryer when a $20 hair dryer from Target will do the job. So who’s buying them and why should you?

After some cursory research from beauty blogs, user feedback and YouTube reviews, I concluded that it didn’t really seem worth it – hair dry time was the same as any other hair dryer, most hair dryers come with the same styling attachments, and some observed that the Dyson hair dryer left hair only somewhat smoother than a  regular hair dryer. Professionals will use it at their salons and demonstrate noticeably great results. (They’re professionals for a reason!) YouTube beauty influencers have shown ‘noticeable’ differences but hey, aren’t they getting them for free for reviewing it in the first place or some kickback? The product itself looks cool and revolutionary; they are so very different from a conventional hair dryer.  Of course I wanted to have that experience myself and so I got one too.  Actually, my husband got it for me online… a refurbished one for half the price!

Go refurbished!

When it arrived… the refurbished Dyson hair dryer did not come in a nice, pretty box. It was shipped in an unbranded white cardboard box with hair dryer, attachments, hanger, and non-slip mat all pre-set into the box. There was an instruction manual and a letter thanking you for purchasing the product and informing you that it was refurbished. Not a very exciting unboxing but for a refurbished product, everything was in excellent condition. No scratches or marks that indicated that it was previously used.  It all looked very new. A refurbished one gets you one year warranty whereas a brand new one is two years.

Reasons to get a Dyson Hair Dryer

While I agree that the hair drying time is no different from a regular hair dryer, I will say that the Dyson hair dryer is amazing for a few reasons. First, it is definitely much softer. When in use, there is that distinct Dyson hum sound but it is not as loud compared to a regular hair dryer. I wash my hair every other day and feel like I would eventually have hearing problems when I get older because of the loudness of a conventional hair dryer. I don’t know the actual decibels of either hair dryers but it’s something that has always been a concern for me.

Second, when I dry my hair with a conventional hair dryer, I never used the styling attachments. It just seemed too inconvenient to have to push the styling attachment to an already hot nozzle and then have to pull it off after each use. They did not come off easy. As a result, my hair was usually always frizzy. When I cared more about my hair, I would use a hair straightener after blow drying my hair so that I could achieve the perfectly straight hair look. Now, I try to maximize my sleep-in time in the mornings and will skip straightening my hair. The Dyson hair dryer makes applying the styling attachments super easy. They are magnetic and so easy to put on and pull off. I’ll usually start without the attachment and blow dry until my hair is mostly dry and then put the styling attachment on. You don’t even have to be precise about attaching the styler. The magnet makes it so easy for the styling attachment to snap on or off and I can do this while the hair dryer is still on. It’s so great and a wonderful feature. They also stay on so you don’t have to worry about it falling off. Because it’s so easy to use, I always dry my hair with the styling attachment and can blow dry my hair straight without the straightener! This makes such a big difference. My hair is definitely smoother and sleeker. I don’t have a lot frizz and my hair is mostly flat. Not the poofy, voluminous hair that I used to have.

Lastly, I like the fact that the Dyson hair dryer has 3 different temperature adjustments for both hot and cold air. This gives the user so much flexibility and control over the heat. I’ve always used the medium heat setting and I think having the right temperature also plays a part in whether your hair comes out frizzy. This is also a good factor why the product has worked well for me.  Altogether, the styler, more customizable heat setting, and same hair drying time, with fantastic end results make it worth it for me!

I also read reviews that people like the way the Dyson hair dryer holds when drying hair because it’s bottom heavy. I didn’t notice a difference because I’m only holding it for 5 minutes or so. Regular hair dryers are top heavy since all the electronic gear is on top whereas the electronics are in the handle of the Dyson.

My parting thoughts

If your current hair regiment works for you, there’s no need to change it. I was never really satisfied with the way my hair looked but didn’t want to spend more time styling it. The Dyson hair dryer really changed it up for me. With the same 5 minutes of drying time, I can use the Dyson hair dryer to get the straight, flat hair that I’ve always wanted without doing anything more. The $400 price is kinda steep for me.  I would also recommend getting it refurbished if money is an issue. It’s the same product that’s been fixed and tested by a Dyson engineer. Why not save $200 on something else?

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