100 Chamomile Tea Bags by Stash

100 Chamomile Tea Bags in bulk by Stash Tea.
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In my personal effort to reduce the amount of caffeine a drink throughout the day, I've limited myself to 1 cup of coffee after lunch and herbal tea like chamomile through the day. There's plenty of tea options available at work, so I was looking for a source of chamomile tea at home after work and on the weekends.

I came across a literal brown box of 100 tea bags of Organic Chamomile Tea by Stash Tea Company. Despite drinking lots of boba tea for $3-4 each, I've never really drank much tea at home. And a box of 100 tea bags cost only around $16. How hard could it be to steep the tea myself? I know herbal teas don't compare much to boba, but steeping tea at home is not only substantially cheaper, but also much healthier (assuming you're not adding a ton of sugar). So I'm sold on the idea of buying tea bags for home use.

But as picture in this review is you notice the ugly box. Here's what to know about buying this product:

  1. The tea bags are all individually wrapped.
  2. The wrapped tea bags have not been sorted inside the box. There are literally 100 tea bags inside.
  3. The chamomile inside each tea bag has been ground up, but still stay inside each tea bag.
  4. The tea is organic (no pesticide contamination on the tea).
  5. Good value (compared at $16 for 100 in bulk online vs $5 for 20 at the store).
  6. Taste is mostly described as good. There are some reviews of it being weak tasting.

The biggest hurdle for many people purchasing tea in bulk from Stash Tea Company is that the tea bags are all just tossed inside the box. Some may envision a standard tea box inside of the corrugated cardboard box, but that isn't the case. But the presentation doesn't change the quality of their tea.

Buy 100 Tea Bags of Organic Chamomile Tea by Stash Tea Company

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