Moana Adventure Tours

P.O. Box 220 in Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Jetski for a pair, there was only one other jetski with us on the tour.

Travel Tips:

What form of transportation did you take?
  • We took the free shuttle to Anau base where Moana Adventure Tours sent a jeep (a bit run down, but on time). From there, it was right onto the jet skis!
What is your favorite aspect?
  • The jet ski, snorkel, and swimming with shark and sting ray is a MUST do in Bora Bora! Jet skiing (admitting) can be done in many places. But swimming with shark and sting rays was amazing!
How long did you spend (in hours)?
  • For the combo, the total was 4 hours (not counting lunch). The jet ski (with tours and stops) was a couple of hours. Snorkel in coral garden, sharks, and sting rays was about 30 minutes each.
What is the approximate cost per person (with examples)?
  • For the combo, it was about $200 per person, paid in USD cash. I did make the reservation on their website via email. Booking via the hotel would have been MUCH more expensive.