United States Capitol

First St SE in Washington DC, Washington DC


Travel Tips:

What is your favorite aspect?
  • A great tour to walk through the halls of the US Capital. There are MANY tours going on at a time, but we have wireless headsets to hear our informative tour guide.
What is the approximate cost per person (with examples)?
  • The tour is free, can be booked in advance. You can also attempt to pick up walk-in tours tickets.
How long did you spend (in hours)?
  • Including time for security check, introduction video, and group tour... we ended up taking about 1 hr to 1 hr 30 minutes.
What is your least favorite aspect?
  • It was very crowded, but at least somewhat organized. The place reminded me of the crowds at Disneyland.
Is there a minimum fitness requirement (i.e. Lots of stairs to climb)?
  • There were a few flights of stairs, but elevators are available if necessary.
What form of transportation did you take?
  • We took the Metro. The visitor entrance is around the right side of the US Capital building near the back.