Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve

13100 Montebello Road in Cupertino, California


There is also the winery next door. The peacock (inside the winery) at the traihead Views of the nature from Zinfandel Trail From the Zinfandel Trail, a view of the mines in Cupertino.

Travel Tips:

What is the approximate cost per person (with examples)?
  • Free, no cost to entry to the open preserve.
How long did you spend (in hours)?
  • Almost a 5 miles hike took about 2 hours.
Is there a minimum fitness requirement (i.e. Lots of stairs to climb)?
  • With comfortable hiking shoes and water, the hike is beginner and we saw many of all ages.
How many times have you visited?
  • This was my first visit, and likely the last due to limited trails.
What is the dress code?
  • Any, but recommended to bring hiking clothes and shoes. And bring water.
What form of transportation did you take?
  • We drove to the trailhead, where there is plenty of free parking.
What is your favorite aspect?
  • The trail is well maintained and easy to walk. After the hike, there is a winery to visit for a quick tasting (though we didn't do the tasting).