San Tung Restaurant

1031 Irving St in San Francisco, California


The shrimp and leek were perfectly ground together. The dumpling skin was thin, yet sturdy.

Travel Tips:

How many times have you visited?
  • First time, and for dinner.
What is your favorite aspect?
  • A lot of great dishes. The fried chicken wings were extremely crispy, and had a great sweet sauce drizzled over the top.
What is the approximate cost per person (with examples)?
  • Our whole meal was $60 for 4 people with 5 dishes and leftovers. No additional drinks (other than water and tea)
Is it good for couples (romantic)?
  • Not romantic at all. Bad ambiance and noisy!
What is your least favorite aspect?
  • Waited probably around 30-45 minutes in the cold for dinner on a Saturday night, with not much to do around the area. It was also very noisy.