Fixing a Loose USB-C Cable

A solution to a loose USB-C cable.
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I always imagined the USB-C cable to be the one cable with the universal shape that solved all my first world problems. Too many dark evenings of trial and error, flipping the microUSB cable to fit the slot. So when the Pixel 2 came with a USB-C port, that was a big factor in the decision for the new phone.

Over a year after use, I noticed that the USB-C cable would commonly shake lose. I most commonly notice the loose cable when driving while using Android Auto in Honda Accord. This was very annoying, as any jiggle in the cable and Android Auto would disconnect, losing the ability to use Google Maps and any audio apps (Stitcher or Spotify).

I next notice the loose USB-C cable while simply charging my Pixel 2 at my desk. This second cable would also come loose while charging whenever my chair accidentally bump the cable. So it was certainly much looser than when I first bought the phone.

Unlike the microUSB cable which had a semi-spring loaded connector that would hold the cable in place, the USB-C cable is smooth all around. However, after reading online, I found the solution to fixing a loose cable.

With a thin needle, I got out a lot more pocket lint than I ever imagined could be wedge in the USB-C port. It's an easy fix that can extend the life of your phone and avoid buying an unnecessary USB-C cable. Note that I find the push-pin to be too thick and may damage your USB-C port.


  • Sewing Needle
  • Flashlight (optional)


  1. Carefully use the sewing needle to scrape around the inner perimeter of the USB-C port.
  2. From the corner, scoop out any of the lint.
  3. Shine the flashlight into the USB-C port to check for more lint. Repeat steps as necessary.
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