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Manuka honey… is it worth it?

Recently, Costco started selling Manuka honey.  Of course it caught my eye when I saw honey selling for $50 per 2.2 pound jar. So what is Manuka honey and is it worth the price? A majority of ...
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Hoover Carpet Cleaner

I recently borrowed a friend's Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Power Washer and it was amazing. I mentioned in a previous post about finding a solution to clean pet accidents on carpets. So far, I...
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Notes on Women's Health

Women's Health
I recently went to my annual women’s health check-up. My husband and I are thinking about having a child in the near future and my doctor gave me some preconception advice. It’s pretty ...
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Amateur Planter

Home garden, with a tomato plant.
As much as I love shopping at Costco, I often have to discard food that has gone bad because I can’t consume it fast enough. Over the summer, my husband and I bought some grape tomatoes from ...
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Physical Therapy Experience

Foam Roller as advised by the physical therapist.
At the recommendation of my coworkers, I’ve decided to go to physical therapy to treat my achy neck and back. One of my coworkers gave me a reality check when she described the immobility in ...
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