National Gallery of Art

6th and Constitution Ave NW in Washington DC, Washington DC


Travel Tips:

How long did you spend (in hours)?
  • I'm not overly interested in historic art, so we spent less than an hour wandering through the galleries. This museum reminds me of The Met in New York, and the museum is large enough to spend a full
What form of transportation did you take?
  • Metro to the National Mall, and walked around the various sites.
Is there a minimum fitness requirement (i.e. Lots of stairs to climb)?
  • There are stairs to various floors, but elevators are also available.
What is your favorite aspect?
  • I best enjoyed the Sculpture Garden (which is across the street from the Main Building). Despite a sad planted garden (especially compared to the Botanical Garden), the sculptures were much more inter
What is the approximate cost per person (with examples)?
  • The gallery is free to enter, maps have a suggested donation value of $1.