in Washington DC, Washington DC


Taking a picture in the visitor area of the Pentagon. No other photos were permitted on the tour! Located outside the Pentagon where American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. The actual Pengtagon 9/11 Memorial, where each bench-like structure is linked to one of the 184 lives that were lost. Since pictures are not allowed in most areas inside and outside the Pentagon, pictures from the 9/11 Memorial towards the Pentagon is one of the rare allowed picture spots.

Travel Tips:

What is the approximate cost per person (with examples)?
  • Free entrance, most accessible via the Metro (Pentagon exit). We did have to request a tour months in advance and did not hear back until a few days before the actual tour date.
How long did you spend (in hours)?
  • We spent about 2.5 hours there. 1 hour for security screening for Pentagon Tour, and 1 hour for Pentagon Tour. Another 15-20 minutes for the Pentagon Memorial.
Is there a minimum fitness requirement (i.e. Lots of stairs to climb)?
  • Mostly flat route, but it is about a 1 hr tour with a mile worth of walking/standing. No many steps, mostly escalator.
How many times have you visited?
  • First visit, and one is probably enough. Need to request a tour months in advance.
What form of transportation did you take?
  • DC Metro exited Pentagon.
What is your favorite aspect?
  • Got a chance to enter the Pentagon via tour passes requested months in advance. Also saw the 9/11 memorial inside and outside the Pentagon. Got lucky in a small tour group of 5, instead of 50 guests.
What is your least favorite aspect?
  • Spent a majority of the time walking through hallways looking at posters on the wall, but did not have a chance to stop long enough to get the chance to read through it.