Gary Danko

800 North Point St in San Francisco, California


My first time having such flavorful oysters, and also my first time trying caviar. The caviar might have been the most amazing part... distinctively round, but very soft. One of my favorite dishes. Perfectly seared ahi tuna. The avocados were perfectly ripe, and the sauce was a lemony flavor which completed the dish very well. Half a lobster over a bed of potatoes. Quite buttery, but the presentation of this dish was amazing. The lobster was cut exactly in half, so the lobster meat was easily accessible. The lobster was extremely tender. The scallops were seared, so the meat was soft, but not flaky. Mixed with the parsnip puree.
Another one of my favorite dishes was the duck breast. Very rarely have I seen a duck in the US that is boneless and cooked so perfectly. Soft and not stringy. This was the one dish of the night where I took a chance. Bison isn't a common meat I normally eat, but it came out a dry and tough (might just be how bison is though). I did not taste overly gamey. It was difficult to slice with the knife provided. A very interesting desert. A praline parfait dipped in chocolate with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. By this point, I was extremely full (being my 5th course).

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